Night Time Tactics

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  1. C82

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    Just name some tips and certain things you can do during night battles to gain that extra edge
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    NVG and get IR lights and glow sticks. other than that, dont keep your flashlight on, and dont use a laser.
    never look at one place but scan for movement. a few flashes of light here and there to keep the opfor heads down doesnt hurt as long as you move after your flash your light so they cant pin point you. Comms work wonders to keep your team in hiding.
    I like to use a remote light trick when i get a remote battery operated light and set it up somewhere and turn it on when i am in a flanking posotion. Turning that on and off is a great distraction.

    THE BIGGEST THING IS THAT YOUR EYES NEED TO ADJUST TO DARKNESS AFTER ANY LIGHT SOURCE IS ADDED. so dont shine your light and then go charging, youll be blind and never use your light to look close to you if you dont need to. use a red filter or a glow stick

  3. xc0n

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    Another tip to keep in mind is that the human eye has better night vision in the peripherals than looking straight so take advantage of using your peripheral vision when scanning looking for movement.

    Also red light does not cripple your night vision like regular light does so if you have to use light try getting a red light. It is also dimmer so less people will notice it oppose to an LED white light.
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    Thanks for the replies, keep them coming
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    If you're in a team or group, do not double back as people are very skittish and have a happy trigger finger during night games. Seen to many people get popped by there own teammate by trying to swing around everyone.
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    The only night game I've played is this:

    4-6 people are in a little squad.
    Everybody else is in a bunker (there was like 20 people altogether when I did it, so 16 in the bunker).

    The squad has to start off as far away as possible, and get to the bunker, and eliminate everybody there. Or wait til they surrender.
    This was very difficult when in the bunker, because it was so dark you could barely see 5 feet away, because nobody had night vision, a few of us just had flashlights. It was intense.

    The squad sneaks up on the bunker and randomly pops up at different places. It's easier to see the people in the bunker than it is to see the people in squad.

    I was in a little half-underground part of the bunker with two windows, and some guy stuck his gun in there and fired off about 50 rounds and they bounced all over the place.

    Anyways, it was fun. Hard to use night time tactics unless you are the offensive team, or you have night vision.
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  7. Maxuhmize

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    You NEVER want to attempt to flank. Your team gets spread apart and you don't know who's on who's team. Communication is everything at night because adrenaline is high and you will start shooting at anything that moves.
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    And don't be scared of the monsters!!lol
    But what I do is get reflector tape and give a piece to everyone in my squad and then you know who is on your team. But this can turn on you and see you so put it on your back it works.
  9. SWATCQBcounterstrike

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    If you do have the money (normally around $60 bucks) get a tracer and then a couple throw and spark grenades also never use regular flashlights always use red tented one to reduce the amount of night vision you have and always always have something to throw if the enemy know you are there. But not sure where you are so you make noise somewhere else also if you can find then for good prices go for the. Night vision scope (like a spotting scope size) and use those, All o these are things that my team does to give use the advantage over our opponents in a night confrontation.

    Thanks from all of us here at Black Knight Airsofting
    Advice given by Colonel Means Of Bunker Busters Squad.
  10. ShadowEye

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    Stay low in foliage (if applicable), people scan the area looking for an outline of a person, and if you stay prone while moving, you will be a lot harder to spot. Also, hand signals are impractical, as many players wont be able to see your hands. Also, when moving and NOT laying prone when there are suspected enemies nearby, move steadily and slowly if you can. generally, the horizon behind you is bright and makes it easier to see your silhouette, and If they spot any sudden fast movements, it will at least give them knowledge of your presence. Lastly, as stated above, avoid flashlights and lasers, unless playing indoor or in an urban environment, as these will alert players from every corner of the field to your exact location.
  11. Thestig

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    Find bushes. Seriously. Because a lot of the younger players, when losing one sense (visual) go to another sense, usually hearing. So knowing where the bushes are allow you to not only track where younger players are, but not be as tracked by them. Do use trees though.
  12. Fritz

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    Camp Shelby
    I would suggest stopping all movement every few feet and listening for about 10-15 seconds or more. If you're playing in the woods like I do, you'll hear movement a mile away if you're in the right position. This will help you detect if the opposing team is nearby.
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