Niles, South Bend, Elkhart - Here's Your Chance!

Discussion in 'Indiana Airsoft Forum' started by scuzzbucket, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. scuzzbucket

    scuzzbucket New Member

    August 4th, Just for Fun Battle in Niles, MI! 9am to 4pm...

    There are a lot of requests for people looking for opportunities to shoot each other here in the area...Well, now's your chance! A few of us enthusiasts are getting together in Niles, MI. We have access to 44 Private Acres, for some serious battle-action! NO CHARGE - JUST FOR FUN...We want to meet anyone who enjoys playing, or owns a gun and wants to have a great time.

    Bring your team if you have one...If not, just bring yourself!

    For the record, this is a not-for-profit deal. We are trying to see how many people we can get together for this...Anyone interested, PM me.

    Note: If you don't call your shots, don't bother :)
  2. Brydagingy

    Brydagingy New Member

    When is the next time you will be playing?

  3. Dukeww2

    Dukeww2 New Member

    South bend
    when are you guys going to be playing again
  4. Weirdalien

    Weirdalien New Member

    Elkhart/south bend
    Hey I'm interested. It's starting to get a little bit warmer and my trigger fingers been itching for some action all winter. You guys still have the land?