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Noobie looking for games in lower AL area

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I just got my first airsoft gun a lancer tac m16a4 and want to know if there are fields near by in mobile area . i know there are a lot in northern al from looking at the internet but there looks like there none down here
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Hello, if you haven't found them yet. Southern Tactical Airsoft Games or STAG is the field nearby. They are on Facebook so check it out. Also the Gulfcoast Airsoft Association is on Facebook and is local players. Beyond that, there is Evolution Airsoft on the other side of Pensacola and B3, which is open when they can since it's on a players property. I run a small group that plays at STAG every Sunday.
ILL TAKE a look any gear requirements
Full seal eye pro, cover mouth/ears. Most just wear a balaclava or something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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