NorCal MilSim: The Durand Line

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    2006 Lower Hindu Kush Mountains, Eastern Afghanistan, Along Pakistan border:
    Elements of the US 10th Mountain Division, Afghan National Army (ANA), and US Special Forces have established a FOB near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border to control an increasing insurgency by the Haqqani network and their Al-Qaeda allies. The insurgents themselves are operating out of safe havens across the border under the tacit cooperation of the Pakistan army. Haqqani operatives and foot soldiers are routinely entering Afghanistan via specific rat lines along the border (The Durand Line) to disrupt commerce and terrorize the local population in a effort to erode confidence in the US backed central Afghan government based in Kabul.


    Tan-Force (US forces/ISAF):

    Provide security for the AO along the Afghan side of the border (Durand Line).

    Green-Force (Afghan Border Police/Afghan National Army):

    Provide intelligence to the US forces regarding local Haqqani network activity and location of IEDs.

    Civi-Force (Haqqani network and Al-Qaeda forces):

    Disrupt US and ANA activity in the AO



    Insert into field via foot, vehicle.
    Establish FOB on the Afghan side of the border
    Establish communications station.
    Immediately patrol out to the local Border post/Pipeline to obtain intel on the identify and location of the local Haqqani leader.
    Establish CCPs as needed.
    Locate and remove IEDs.

    Insert into field via foot.
    Establish security at the border post.
    There is no separate GreenFor FOB. Rely on TanFor FOB
    Support US forces.
    Establish CCPs as needed

    Insert into the field via foot.
    Establish FOB on the Pakistan side of the border.
    Establish CCPs as needed
    Protect the Haqqani leader.
    Place IEDs
    Destroy US assets (FOB, communications station).
    Establish “rat lines” along the Durand line

    Medic rules:

    Standard Medic Rules in effect for TanFor and GreenFor – LEARN THEM

    Special Medic rules in effect for Civi-Force. Insurgents do not have dedicated medics. Fighters may bandage each other as per the standard medic rules. However there is no additional medic based removal of the bandage. In order to heal (i.e. remove the bandage) wounded fighters and 2 hit causalities must cross the border back into Pakistan and be treated at their FOB. All other medic rules apply (i.e. wounded fighters bleed out if unbandaged by a team mate within 5 min and a follow up hit will bandaged is death).


    -Standard Limited Ammo Rules in Effect – MAX 4 MAGAZINES – NO Hi-Caps. YOU MAY NOT CARRY SPARE AMMO OR LOADERS ON YOUR PERSON. These will be at the FOB.
    -Lunch in the field. Bring food and water for the day. start hydrating a day before the event

    Vehicle Support:
    Limited vehicle use for TanFor.

    BOTH sides will to get their personal gear squared away, and move on to briefing. Both sides will leave from briefing directly into field. Game starts after the briefing is finished, not after your finished getting ready.

    Lz-5 night Op: Voodoo Mama
    (<5 people show up= scenario training, >5 people show up= Op Voodoo Mama)

    briefing: 7:00pm
    game on: 7:30pm

    Camp at staging area

    Blue glow stick= Dead rag

    Early October a CIA SAD/SOG
    ( Special Activities Division, Special Operations Group ) teams infiltrated into Iran conducting ” black” operations in surrounding cities of Iran . The SAD/SOG teams came into contact with the chief assistant of the Iranian nuclear research program, he goes by the code name
    ” switchblade”. SwitchBlade was hidden in the town of Mashhad, under the cover of civilian assets the SAD/SOG teams tried to extract Switchblade via civilian helicopter to keep under the radar. The extraction didn’t go all the way as planned the helicopter was shot down over a small village of Kariz that sits just outside of the border of Afgahnistan .We have a AFSOC station at Herat, Afghanistan. The base is standing by with A ( CSAR) unit. We have less than 12 hrs to extract Switchblade and the teams before this turns into and international incident.

    Mission briefing:

    Tanfor: 920th rescue wing (CSAR unit) combat search and rescue
    Insertion: the 920th will infil from Herat air force base cross the Iran-afghan border on foot.
    Primary objective : locate and secure the SAD/SOG team .
    Secondary objectives: search crash site and recover anything that can be brought back.
    Air support : none to risky to fly over Iran .
    Exfil: Once the 920th has acquired SAD/SOG, 920th will hump back across the border for a safe extraction.

    -Greenfor: ( Iranian QRF ) IQRF
    Insertion: IQRF will fly over and land at the village of Kariz. Reports from town villagers will help IQRF locate the down helo and it’s team.
    Primary objective : locate the team that was shot down.
    Secondary objective : locate the down helo an gather intel.
    Air support: no air support until QRF is ready with objective at Kariz.

    -CIA SAD/SOG team: this team needs to be filled with at least 2-4 players.
    They must conduct SERE( Survive, Evasion,Resistance, Escape)
    -*uniform*: contractor setup only, pants and shirts, preferred khaki pants and black top.
    -SwitchBlade- one person to be the HVT dressed in civilian attire.


    - location of helo must be marked with “red” chem lights. An briefcase or envelope can be used to contain radio freqs of Tanfor ops.
    -Tanfor starts at the pipeline, they will be given last position of down helo only. They can choose how to get to it and the team.
    * tanfor and CIA team share freqs
    -SAD/SOG team need to start at the ” crashed helo” and once game starts can move to hide and perform basic SERE actions.
    - Greenfor will start out at the village and given basic location of the crash site,
    * at the crash site tanfor coms will be disclosed to help Greefor