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    Hello this is my re-introduction since i lost my account details. My old account was yrutimid and that was connected to a email that i lost the info to along time ago and autosign in forgot my login to Airsoft Society... go figure. Anyway im an AZ player and mainly field VIP Phoenix. Sorry ahead of time for the long post.

    Current guns
    Custom m4
    -polarstar f1
    -ics tubular handguard i think
    -g&g pistol grip, upper and gb
    -EMG bdr lower
    -vfc 416c stock
    - llamda inner barrel
    -retro arms seletor that is just for show(as i have broken to f1 board because the bdr lower will not work with any selector system i use)
    -maxx trigger and in the future maxx mag release

    Custom arp9
    -KA gb
    -13:1 shs gears 3 teeth removed
    -shs piston 3 teeth removed
    -perun hybrid
    -asg 30k
    -stock cylinder
    -ka pistonhead
    -maxx nozzle and i think maxx cylinder head

    -we slide
    -AW outer barrel
    -tm lower
    -5ku black mount

    -we glock
    -guarder nozzle, guarder bbu and socom gear sights need to be ordered

    -jpc 2.0
    -condor hydro pack for tank
    -some brand m4 mag elastic inserts
    -condor pistol pouches
    -dye i4 with not so good wrap job done by yours truly
    -ess goggles with some brand mesh

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    Good to see you back Yru
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