November 14, 2015 - Stuarts Draft VA Outdoor Campaign 9 - Rogue's War

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    CH, LLC and 4th Seal Airsoft's annual fall event!
    Sponsored By Augusta Airsoft, LLC

    When - November 14, 2015

    Where - Augusta Airsoft, LLC
    152 Johnson Dr
    Stuarts Draft, Virginia
    8AM - 4PM

    Cost - $20

    Paypal to - [email protected]
    Online Waiver - Centurion Holdings - Augusta Airsoft Waiver

    Message with any questions!

    after some initial field issues were worked out...

    We will be holding the event at Augusta Airsoft, LLC in Stuarts Draft Va! They have once again stepped up and made their facility available!
    The new event date is October 3, 2015!
    Note there are a few other changes.
    1) We will NOT be doing the stair step pricing for this event! Cost will stay the same for pre-reg and pay at the door.
    2) FPS will adhere to AA's policy. 400 FPS max for all replica's!
    3) 2 waivers! I will need everyone to fill out a CH waiver (linked above) and if you have not done a AA waiver before, follow the appropriate link above and do so please! These are both online waivers and filling them out and submitting them pre-game saves a lot of time!
    4) Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter!
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    Overnight camping will be allowed after the event!

    Also Zach from GI Tactical (Airsoft GI East) will be on hand with a limited number of smokes for sale!

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    Op has been postponed to November 14th. Due to the impending severe weather, another CH member and I are on call.