oberland arms oa-15 m8 aeg

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Natebelg, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Natebelg

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    Hey guys and gals,

    Has anyone got or used this weapon ' oberland arms oa-15 m8 aeg'?

    What's it like?

  2. Shiftyshooter

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    Do you mind posting a link to the gun?

  3. Shiftyshooter

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    Oh, it is a King Amrs. That gun should serve you well.
  4. carlx2

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    milton keynes
    I bought this aer last weekend and wow !!!
    i love it i possibly spent about 3 hours in the shop trying different rifles, this one felt and seemed the best and i spent £200 less than i was hoping to spend in the shop and i am ex infantry and this felt more realistic than most other aeg,s i can honestly say it felt better than the HK416 and 417
    and that did shock me !!,
    i would recommend a stubby for grip and possibly a magpul pistol grip but that is my personal prefrance.
    if your looking for accuracy and range, i have a customized g3 with tight bore battle and a few extra mods and it actually out performed it in every aspect.
    if you would like some personal specs
    just ask and i can possibly advise you
  5. SabreBlade7

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    Little Elm
    I bought the M8 version two months ago in HobbyTron in Dallas and have pushed about 3000 BBs through it so far (two airsoft skirmishes). It was chronoed 388 w/.20 at HobbyTron at the counter. They let me then take it out behind the store and setup a box 100ft away and shot a full 300 hi cap mag. Accuarcy was phenomenal, single shot was dead center of the box, burst was they all hit the box. The box was about size of a man's chest. So it either already has a precision barrel or it does not need one because it was dead accurate. In the skirmishes I was getting more longer distance kills than before and better than my buddies where they try to arch their BBs. I just shot line of sight and was hitting. I also used .28 Bbs because we play a lot od woodland area and I need BBs to go through foliage. The weapon has a high tourq motor and I went with 11.1 lipo battery so I could place it in the stock barrel and then swap the crane stock with a magpul moe stock. Being all metal, it is a bit heavy but realistic. Highly recommend it since I now have two King Arms AEGs and they seem to perform better than my other brands that I have. This weapon has made my game play better.