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Official AR/M16/M4 Picture Thread

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As the title says,,everything from an XM177-E2 to a KAC PDW,,keep the description short and sweet.
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If you like my beautiful spr please like it on fb: a pic:

Product Font Motor vehicle Line Circle

Photos of UN Company Airsoft | Facebook


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that is a bad *** gun right thar ;)
So much yes. So, so much.
So much yes. So, so much.
You like? It shall be in my family for years to come. :p
magpulftw has the most beautiful SPR ever. That's the kind of airsoft gun I'd have hanging on a wall full of diplomas and vintage film posters...

Oh yeah, and the HK416 is beautiful too. :p
Air gun Shotgun Trigger Plant Gun barrel

Mine for now but is being sold soon hopefully.


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nice...Who made that M733? I know JG makes one, but I don't know if the lower receiver is engraved like that...
nice!!! i get so sick of my squadmates who are always like "why do you always carry an M4/16? try a new different gun for a change" ... "BECAUSE THEY'RE THE BEST! THAT'S WHY!" lol
I don't know if I'd say they're the best, but I certainly think they're the most aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing. It's a platform that I'm familiar with and one that I enjoy shooting in real steel as well. "Best" is a subjective measure, but I'd say ARs are best for me
Well, that's what I meant, I just wasn't going to type a whole paragraph on the physics of "best" lol
But yes, totally for me. But one of my many mottos is "hey, as long as it works, right?"

But given the choice....

And by the way, thought I'd add one...This is my old JG M4..." 'twas the day of the war, and all through the field, all my enemies were there, and non would yield." I couldn't hit @#$#%$ with this gun past 130 feet, so I sent it back and got a wasn't too bad for short range tho.
There you go ;)

Ok, Whiplash, open the pic, right click, select "copy image URL" then copy/paste the URL into the 'Insert Image' box(It's the picture that looks like a mountain up there by fonts and sizes) then click the post button.

Or even better, just use the image URL on photobucket. :p
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Here's my prob. (sorry to be frustrating!) When I right click, I don't get "copy image URL" I only get "copy shortcut."

Also, I know nothing about photobucket. Sorry!!! I'm just NOT an electronics guy...That's why I'm an airsofter ;)
That's weird... Not sure what to do there... What kind of computer are you using? (Not that it should matter...)

Lol, Photobucket is pretty easy to use, however, I've never been a non-electronics guy. :p We go together like... Bread and butter? lol
it's an hp piece of junk...oh well. I can do just about everything else hahaha. Let's just say forget it (for now) and stop clogging up people's threads...I'll just stay away from posting pics or ask you or someone else who knows how if I need to lol

thanks for your help, tho....And speaking of bread and butter, I might just grab my gun and do a surprise raid on the refrigerator.
Haha, Go ahead and PM me if you'd like me to post a pic for you.
Figure I'd throw one up of my baby. It's about 13lbs def a beast to carry around.


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I've always been a fan of the DMR style ar platform rifles
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