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Official Get in Shape Thread

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Meh kinda an odd question right? Well anyways lets start off. I'm 5'9 and wight 180. That's about 20lbs over the average weight of a 16 yr old. I've lifted about 10 times in my life, mostly due to the fact that I don't have time or a location to lift. Over the summer I did not exercise much. I've ran a couple of times this past week, but that's really it other than going to the gym those 10 times. I'd go when we were away at a hotel ect. Well it's jr year for me and I don't want to be over weight anymore. I plan to go to the school gym about 2-3 times in a week. I swim competitively as well but I find myself eating more good than normal after practices. How can I make my self full without eating as much? And how can I get into the cycle of working out too? Odd question but I know you guys can help.

Edit: an how this relates to airsoft? I would be able to play for longer an be more effective and have more fun. Also, if I do join the marines, it would help ALOT to be in shape before. Links, videos, whatever is fine.
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From all that I have read online, seen and absorbed from the guys at the gym the biggest part is the 'system shock' of changing up workout routines every 6-8 months.
Meh...changing routines to "shock" your muscles isn't a thing. The only thing your muscles know is the weight and the angle they're being worked. If you are consistently over loading (IE upping the weight), that's as effective as is gets. The only real "shock" to muscles comes from heavier weight or higher reps (drop sets to failure, etc). If you are training right in the first place, switching up your routine will do nothing other than break up the monotony.

That being said, the difference between bro splits and full body for natty lifters is all about the bodies anabolic window (not referring to the "protein intake right after a workout bs). By hitting the same muscles every other day, you are keeping your body in a more anabolic state and promoting more muscle growth over hitting muscle groups once a week. Couple that with proper training (progressive overload) and you will gain more strength and size over a bro split. Now the bro split is definitely still useful, but at this point, personally, I would only use it sparingly to do touch up on lagging groups. Now if you're on gear, where your body is in a constant anabolic state, you can get stronger and bigger by sitting in your moms basement and eating Cheetos...but for a natty, frequency will do more for you than simple volume.
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All the talk of bread in the other hobbies thread made me think of this thread lol. While last time I tried keto I had some unpleasant side effects, I'm gonna give it a 2nd go with a bit more strict approach. Last time I was floating around 50-60 carbs a day, and this time I want to try and cut it to 10-20. I think last time I tried it I was floating in and out of ketosis which was what was causing the side effects. My weight is stable at 175-180lbs, but I've wanted to get to 165lbs for awhile now.
Eh, I like training six times a week so I'll stick to my bro splits. I'm natty and it works well enough for me but to each their own.
Just thought I'd update, I'm down 29.2 pounds so far with just eating better, haven't incorporated much exercise lately. Hoping to hit the 30 pound mark at my weigh in today but kinda went crazy with the Halloween candy so I might gain a little this week.
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Got 455 on sumo deads. Wonder how long it will take to get back to 495 because I'm not really training for strength haha.
Give it a few months and you'll be back up there.

My tweaked knee is back to 90%, narrowed it down to a bad quad so that helped to speed up the recovery.
Hit a hard leg day yesterday. My glutes are dead. My quads are dead. My hammies are dead. I really need to get more leg days in.

I also started talkin to a girl at the gym. Left on holiday travel before I grew the balls to ask for her number so I'll have something to aim for when I get back. :insert Hide the Pain Harold .jpeg here:
Ah Bro, dating chicks from the gym is risky business. If you guys do date, and you end badly, you are gonna see each other all the time haha.
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I'm moving out of state in the next year tho. I have a good exit plan available.
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Started a new lifting plan my gym bro got from a weight coach. I bit the bullet and hopped on a bulking cycle after Pre-Holliday cutting.

Plan for those interested:
I'll try to get a google docs link up to replace the screen shots within the next day.
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Running this with my bro and after 3 weeks we're both dead. All the accessory work the plan has to finish off the day is giving us hell, both of us have seen 40-50% weight drops because the compound lifts use everything we have (I.E. my usual 12-rep widegrip lat pull down is 130lbs, but ok the plan I can barely squeak out 100lbs for 10 reps) and that's after failing to get the last rep on the couple sets of the compound lifts.

I also tweaked my low back again. Last rep of the day for deadlifts. I know I didn't mess up the form, but something ain't feeling right. I think it's another muscle-related issue.
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I am just starting back to my workouts since the Doctor made me stop in December 2017.
I am starting slowly with light, light weight, and working my way back up.
On to rebuild 2.0!!!
Figured I'd toss you guys an update. Workouts are going great!

Keep in mind that now a days I use my home gym, a Powertec Multisystem Work Bench. It's a plate loaded machine so that I don't have to use a spotter. I am doing full body workouts, 3 times per week. I do 3 sets of 10 reps each, but I only take a 10 second break between sets. At 5'7" and 205 lbs, I am big enough, so now my workouts are set to keep what I have and work on muscular endurance as well.

I also do quarter mile sprints on the elliptical machine during the work out. I start with one, then do two exercises then another sprint. I do them every two exercises.

I've never been one to each a bunch of junk food, but recently I added intermittent fasting to the mix. I've lost a bit of weight, and am back into my 34 waist pants.

Not to bad for a guy whose only a few years away from hitting the big 5-0!
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I manned up and started a bulking cycle. I haven’t felt hungry in 6 weeks and the feeling is so alien coming from 2 years of on-and-off cutting/maintenance.
I’m getting 4K, fairly clean, calories a day and it’s hell trying to fit it all in.
The other night I spent 35 minutes eating 1lb of pork ribs, 1 1/2 cups of Mac and cheese and 1 pint of water.

I don’t like food anymore.

I’ve got my lifting plan setup as so:
Heavy chest day/light shoulders
Heavy back/light legs
Heavy shoulders/light chest
Heavy legs/light back

Heavy days are 5-6 movements for the group with 1 compound movement, all trained with a heavy 5x5 and a 1RM for the compound.
Light days are 3-4 movements for the group that focuses on 3x12 and time under tension (slow reps).
I run 2 blocks as mentioned and then overreach on the 3rd. All my 5x5 sets are bumbled up to 5x10 sets and light days get bumped up to 5x12 reps.
After this I take 1 week off as a recovery and start all over again.

After 6 weeks of this I got my bench up to 265lbs (up from 255), incline up to 225lbs (up from 205), overhead barbell press up to 145 (up from 125) and my bicep curl 5 rep max to 40 (up from 32.5). My body weight has gone from 185 to 202lbs.

I’m taking this bulk to 12 weeks then I’m hopping on a 6 week cut.
I’m trying to get my body weight up to 215lbs before the cut and then take it under 190lbs while retaining 95% of my strength gains.

I’ve also been doing neck curls. I lay on my side and curl my head to target and build my knock muscles.
So far I got 1/2in on the circumference in 6 weeks of hitting it 3x a week with 3 sets of 12 reps in each direction (front, back, left, right).
After the first week all the muscle soreness went away and I’ve noticed my neck doesn’t get tired as much as it used to.
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I've been going to the gym regularly since Nov and lost 14 lbs, so far, just from lifting weights. Going through physical therapy for my knee so cardio isn't an option.

I'm now able to do squats so I've been hitting 50 a day so I can do some lower body work. If my knee can hold up I want to incorporate single legged ones.
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I've been going to the gym regularly since Nov and lost 14 lbs, so far, just from lifting weights. Going through physical therapy for my knee so cardio isn't an option.

I'm now able to do squats so I've been hitting 50 a day so I can do some lower body work. If my knee can hold up I want to incorporate single legged ones.
That's really a cool progress! Congrats! :)
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From my own experience I can say that losing weight is really an individual thing. I mean that there are now so many methods for this but you need to find really effective ones for you among them because it's known that not all such methods are helpful for everybody.
I was overweighted several years ago and for me the most helpful were such methods as:
- changing totally my diet (I stopped to eat junk food at all, reduced the amount of soda and sugar in my daily menu, added to my diet more vegetables and fruits; I also stopped to skip breakfast and started to control my meals, I ate only when I was really hungry and not so much as earlier)
- making physical exercises regurarly (I combined cardio and weight lifting, such combination was the most effective for me, some of such exercies I successfully made at home and some in the gym)
- changing my sleep schedule (it has a great influence on changes of the weight, I tried to leave myself really enough time for sleeping and control both my bedtime and wake-up time)

I also needed to treat my hormonal imbalance because it was one of the main reasons for my weight gain. It's a common problem for many other people too, for example low testosterone often causes the extreme weight gain, especially in case of men And losing weight without the mdeical help in such cases can be impossible at all.
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Damn, really been more then a year since the last activity on this thread.
I know, it's sad lol.
I dumped my nachos all over the front of my snuggie when I saw the alert for this thread pop up.
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Hmmm I've cut 20+ lbs since I switched over to keto since lockdown. No exercise yet, but not that heavy to begin with. 198 down to 176

My 20-30 net carbs daily. Trying to get lower

Blood work is all good minus ldls.. gotta watch the red meats :/
I keep seeing people who have lost 15-20lbs over the lockdown and I’m here with 16 more lbs, 1/3 less on my bench and a couple mesh patches in my pelvis.
I feel like I didn’t get the same program everyone else did.
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Bench is back up to 245lbs for 1 and 225 for 3.
Deadlifts are back up to 350 for 1 and 315 for 5.
Squats are back to 275 for 3.

Still sitting at 205lbs, but my weights are coming back up so I’m sure I’ll be cutting some of this extra fluff in the next couple months.
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