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  1. Joshpeck

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    Eau Claire
    I kind of noticed that no one ever talks about how they prepare or what they do prior to an airsoft game. The kind of stuff I'm talking about to be more specific is things like, what kind of stuff do you buy for the day, how do you prepare your loadout, how do you prepare food, how do you prepare clothes, what do you do to your gun ... Stuff like that.

    What I do personally is I clean the barrel of my gun, shoot a couple mags to see if the gun is doing ok, I charge several batteries for the day, I customize my vest for whatever should go on for the day, and I make sure I have absolutely all the gear I need.
    Other than that I prepare food, bring tons of water, get a couple MRE's.
    I pack my gun, gear and things in an organized manner in a big plastic bin.
    Also I bring a crappy blanket and I bring 2 tarps. I lay the blanket down to set all my stuff on the ground and it won't get lost in the brass or get dirty, and the tarps or invades it rains I can put all my stuff under it and it will be perfectly dry.
    That's mostly what I do for when I prepare for a big day of airsoft... What do you guys do?
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  2. McGee

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    Cliff bar or Builder Bar in pocket, almonds or dried bing cherries in another pocket, and probably beef jerky in my pack.

    3L of water in a hydration pouch.

    Loaded BB in loader, spare ammo bag and all mags loaded and gear PREPARED WELL BEFORE BRIEFING.

    I spend time talking to leaders of other units to learn who they are, assess what they'll be interested in doing (reliability for mission-type), and test radios.

    Usually, I need to confirm the medic rule or even respawn rule, because even the briefing is vague. I do my best to make sure as many people understand it as possible.

    Get to chrono EARLY - as in right when I pull up (but it's usually not open yet).

    I might only wear uniform bottoms to the site, and I change my shirt when I get there. I wear comfortable shoes for driving, and change into boots at the field.

    I change out of my uniform after the game.

    The night before, I pack everything - it's checked, organized, batteries are charged, spare batteries are charged. Water is filled. Clothes are in a pile to put on when I wake up. Usually out of the house by 6am.

    I generally don't have to mess with my hop-up much.

  3. Yokomohoyo

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    San Juan
    The night prior I charge my batteries, make sure the propane tank isn't depleted, make sure I have bb's and make sure that all my gbb's have been lubed. I also pack a small snack (trail mix, lots of water {atleast 2gallons}). Then I make sure that the uniform is clean... If not to the washer it goes... Nothing worse than a funky hour drive to the game.
  4. theonlyBuster

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    There was a thread, I can't find it, no biggie.

    2-5 days before the event I go through my guns. Ensure everything is shooting and working correctly. Move/add/remove attachments as needed. I NEVER do any tech/mod work the within 24hrs of an event. Just bad ju-ju.
    I also make a Wally-World (Wal-Mart) run. 36 pack of water, trail mix, asprin, a sub.

    The day before I check my rig, make sure everything is where I need it to be. I often FULLY load up, and go through mag swaps, equipment using, etc just to make sure I can subconsciously grab something without going to the wrong pocket. My pouches are placed because it's simply where I "un-thinkingly" grab.

    After I get everything set up, I half-pack. My guns are packed, my gear is packed (With 3 unloaded mags) my accessories are packed, my gas and gas parts are packed. My BBs, ammo, mags, batteries, and radio are the only things remaining unpacked (I do pack 1 radio). I charge/top-up my batteries and charge my primary radio.

    The morning of, I load half my mags just in case I arrive an an event late, I can toss in a battery and a few mags and go. I also half fill my gas mags. I never fully fill in the event that I change atmospheric pressures. I used to play in the hills and it's a habit I refuse to break.
    After half my mags are loaded with BBs then tossed in the bag.

    From there I load my car. Ensure my chair, water, gun, back-up gun, and equipment bag are accounted for. Hop in my car, load up my "Shut up I can't hear you" playlist on my radio, and rock out as I drive.
  5. 1badweasel

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    Santa Rosa
    (1.) I buy food and water days ahead. Granola bars, 2 one gallon bottles of water, 6 pack of gatorade and 2 or 3 cans of soup.

    (2.) I make sure my rifle is in good working order. I see to it that the barrel and window are clean, optics are zeroed in, everything tightened up and secured.

    (3.) Batteries discharged then charged and milliamps checked.

    (4.) Backpack is loaded with extra civilian cloths. 2 pairs of sockes and underwear, pants, shirt and sweatshirt. Sometimes even a rain jacket.

    (5.) My BDU is layed out the night before and my duffle bag is packed and ready.

    Bag Contents:
    5000 bag of Bio BBs
    Revision desert locust goggles
    ESS shooting glasses
    Tool kit
    Set of allen wrenchs
    Two NiMh batteries
    LiPo bag
    knee pads
    Extra pouches
    Mich 2000 helmet
    Boonie hat
    Glow sticks

    (6.) Load my camping grear. Tent, sleeping bag, blankets, tarp and lights.

    (7.) Make sure my fighting grear is loaded with 4x mid-cap magazines, speed loader, dead rag, white rag, map, cat crap anti-fog, hand wipes, allen key muli tool and 2.5L of water in my hydration carrier.
  6. Joshpeck

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    Eau Claire
    You said about filling the mags only halfway just in case of atmospheric pressure, that's a good tip, I never thought of that.
  7. Joshpeck

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    Eau Claire
    The list of things I bring is usually something like this

    - 2 AEG's one primary one backup
    - 1 side arm
    - 5000 rounds of bbs
    - all of my magazines
    - propane
    - all the batteries I have ( fully charged )
    - weapon attachments
    - cleaning rod and tissues
    - silicon oil
    - alen key set

    - tactical vest ( RRV )
    - eye protection
    - goggle defogger
    - boots
    - my insoles
    - several different camos
    - helmet
    - tactical ball cap
    - casual clothes ( for ride there and back )
    - normal shoes
    - socks

    - a cooler full of food + MRE's
    - about 12+ bottles if water for myself
    - Tabasco sauce ( I love it )
  8. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    Well, mine as well. I only go once every 1-2 months and the trip costs $200 or so after gas/hotel, so it's a bigger deal for me. I guess I'll go over my current build, too. I have a P* AR platform with an M4 CQBR RIS upper, and an M16 upper. The CQBR upper is more accurate at closer ranges with a prommy 6.03 285mm and R-Hop with .28s/.3s, while the DMR upper is more accurate at longer ranges with an ORGA 6.23 500mm and an ER-Hop with .4s. My secondary is, and I hope will always be, a KWA M9 PTP. Amazing gun, but the mags are spawns of Satan. I've got an OE tech MOLLE rig, 2 dual STANAG pouches, a dump pouch, a utility pouch, and a pistol pouch (not a holster).

    I'm a fatty, so the week before a game I do some work to keep me going throughout the day. I stand>sitting when I can, and I'll probably do a few hundred situps, with 50-100 pushups every day until the game.

    I usually have a new gun every game (I might or might not have a teching issue), so I finish up whatever build I have going. I make sure everything is right in my gun (usually AoE/shimming/greasing/seal) or now that I'm running a P*, greased).

    The first thing I do is go outside and test fire my gun. I'll put a couple midcaps through of washed .2s at highest hop setting to test for jams, and a few washed .28s, .3s, .4s, and .25s (I use different BBs throughout the day, depending on the field/opposition. Scarier enemies=heavier BBs). For my secondary, I'll send a mag of .4s or .28s (if CQB) downrange.

    The next thing I do is pack. I'll pack my primary in a large gun case, my secondary in my pistol case. I then pack my vest and everything else in my loadout.

    I then pack all customer guns due that day (not applicable recently, only at my last field). Of course, I make sure they all work first.

    The day before, I charge my batteries, pack Gatorade galore, Kars sweet and salty mix (trail mix) and about $50. I pay whoever is driving me for gas and the hotel room (unless we're going at like 5 AM and don't need a hotel room). I also pack my tools- silicon drop oil, silicon grease, white lithium grease, hex keys (metric and imperial), Torx heads, a few flat head and phillips head screwdrivers, shims, a microfiber cloth or two, TechT gun drops and Gunsav, cleaning alcohol, a hobby knife, punches, and a hammer.

    I then get to the game, take out my $2,500 gun, and lose to people with $150 guns.
  9. ncore

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    I just prep anywhere between 1-3 days before the game.

    I usually wear most of my gear on the way there. I have a backpack for articles of clothing such as holsters, goggles, gloves, canteens, etc.. and I also store tools in the same packpack. Things like pliers, screw drivers, precision tools, soldering iron.

    Then I have a black back that I store all my magazines, co2, batteries, chargers, speed reloaders, extra wiring, extra m16 parts, and stuff like that in.

    I also try to get to the field at least 30 minutes early. I try to greet most of the players I meet and get to know them, because I normally go by myself and I want to hang with a good group of people.
  10. brokenarrow

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    I usually plan a week in advance, make a checklist on my phone of stuff I'll need for the event. The lists are pretty basic to begin with, but I elaborate later on,
    Radio, guns (2 AEGs, and on warm days my 1911, cold days, a spring pistol :D) ammo can with 10,000 or so BBs, depends on the day. Gas, batteries, then my kit, CIRAS, pistol belt, 13x mags, boots, cammies, ball cap. I test my guns during the week, then don't touch them until the game. For food, we usually order some pizza, but just incase, an MRE, and a couple bottles of water (I don't need much personally) check eye pro, and make sure the game is still on (long story short, my most recent game, I found out it ended before I got there :/, wimped out on the 18+ inches of snow :D) usually wake up 2 hours before the game, and get final preparations done, then out the door.
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    You all are doing wall of texts. I just take a picture of what it looks like.


    Always bring spare clothes though. You never know...
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    Who eats tobasco sauce by itself...
  13. Maxuhmize

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    Guilty as charged. I really like Red's hot sauce on crackers and salmon<3
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    Who eats tobasco sauce on anything? Sriracha sauce is where it's at.
  15. Joshpeck

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    I never said I have it by itself...
  16. Expendable

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    Made that mistake once.... When I was like 5 and couldn't handle hot stuff.
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    I think people are ignoring the obvious point of this thread: sriracha sauce is king over hot sauces, been to 5 continents and ate extensively at each. I verify that sriracha is king.
  18. McGee

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    Photos are great - but the question in the thread is not just what you bring, it's how you prepare.

    I suppose I could film the intel gathering I do before briefing, and show how I go to chrono immediately after I arrive - before anything else - to avoid the line and not be the guy who delays the game start.