"Official" Teching Difficulties Thread

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    Don't know if one of these already exists, but I figured I create a thread for others to share their stories about their most difficult airsoft modifications. This could include: not knowing how to assemble a gearbox, finding parts, or things that just really f*ckin' pissed you off. :D

    I'll start off... I don't do too much teching anymore, but back when I built my first hi-speed (non DSG) airsoft gun, I remember the gearbox always locking up constantly. I had my friend who was an airsoft tech come over and help me fix it several times. We tried shaving down the tappet plate, re-shimming, EVERYTHING! Finally after 3 months of ruthless annoyance, I made a final attempt to take apart the gearbox and inspect everything one more time. It wasn't until then that I realized that I realized an m120 was being used. I could've sworn I had an m100 inside this whole time, but obviously I was wrong, because when I installed the "actual" m100 it ran flawlessly. Stupidity at its finest people :rolleyes:

    Now it's YOUR turn to share your most story. Remember, it can be anything related to modification or teching difficulties! Let's have fun with this and make some laughs :)
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    I've posted this before somewhere, but the first time I ever opened a gearbox, I lost the ARL spring. After buying a new one, I found it in my carpet months later.

    Also, one time at an op my motor height was to low and it kept grinding on the bevel gear, but no one had any tools out in the field so I had to use my thumbnail to turn the screw. Ended up breaking both of my thumbnails that day.

  3. TheInfidel23

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    Tie between my first gun and my dsg.

    First gun was a CM blowback. I took it apart out of curiosity and lost parts. Hard gearbox to learn out of. I ended up using parts from two guns to build my first complete gearbox and gun. Ended up later retired and again repurposed. I swear there's at least one part of the original gun in every gun I've worked on.

    Dsg has always had issues, but when it was first built it ate pinion gears. Now I have chronic compression problems. Always something.
  4. MADR77

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    Lol. But the important part is you fixed the problem (I hope :))