Old Version EF M4 CQB

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    So like the tittle says I have an old version Elite Force M4 CQB and I took it to the close quarters field we have here and it was not performing. First, the batteries. Yes, I have some cheap batteries and we I plug them for the first time the gun just locked itself. It didn't shoot. I changed the batteries and it was fine. During game time the gun didn't shoot at all. The batteries were performing but nothing was coming out of the barrel. Today I try to use a better 9.6 battery and the gun works but nothing comes out of the barrel. While I was trying to shoot I did smell something burned. I'm not sure if a 9.6 is too much for it or there is something wrong with the gun. By the way my magazines were feeding just fine in my DMR. I definitely believe that there's something wrong with the gun. I always considered to upgrade it so I think this is an opportunity to do it. Does anyone know what might be the problem?