Ongoing Milsim projects and innovations would you be interested?

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    Hey First of all a new to this site but looks like awesome airsoft Forum and platform.

    I'm currently working on designin hpa conversion kit for WA/KA/GHK/G&P (unfortunately I couldn't make even theoreticaly working model for WE tech using following premises) gas m4's to convert them to use air internaly and posibility to use erg m4 magazines or aeg magazines, but still keeping fuctioning internals as intact as possible (including boltcatch) (conversion would use original bcg, trigger assembly, buffer, bufferspring, nozzles, hopup, barrels etc) it would not need any permanent modification to work properly and would be able to convert back to use CO2 or Green gas, I wonder how many people would be interested such conversion and should I release it to public either easily made diy product(or shapeways) obtainable piece or ready product, If I get it working, currently haven't find right size ventile so i'm designin own one. Soon I should have first working model in test.

    Other little bit distant innovation would be consealed sound system to hk416 or Ak74/m/U gbbr models, using propane and small 7volt battery in grip, it would be locate in wooden grips or under railsystem or for m4 appropriate rail(btw feed back would be great wich railsystem?) consept is pretty similar to bl tech boss unit but this would differ as it would be consealed and made for gasblowback or that airblowback system.

    Any questions, feedback, toughts about topic or improvements on ideas would be really helpful, cheers and thx.

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