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    Hi all, 6 months ago I bought a Dan Wesson Revolver from Mach 1 Airsoft. Unfortunately I forgot to buy oil and grease. I am not in Toronto now. I need to get the best accessories always. Also I need to buy cleaning roads and some maintenance accessories. I think majority of people here can suggest me a best Airsoft online store to buy all these things. Thank you in advance.
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    Aside from cleaning/unjamming rods and oil what other accessories do you need/want?

    A cleaning rod is a cleaning rod is a cleaning rod. As long as it's long enough for the barrel, and holds the cleaning rag of choice you're good. If the reverse end works and an unjamming rod, well then you're golden; most everything else is secodnary.

    In terms of oil for lubricating the operations of the gun, you simply need silicon oil. 100% silicon oil is preferred, but you can get 90% or anything in between and be fine. Avoid ANYTHING with petroleum in it, period. This includes WD-40; it will eat away at your seals. I typically grab 40-60wt (Wt = weight) Silicon oil. Most go for Shock Oil as it's the easiest to find, especially if there aren't any airsoft shops close by. You can find Shock Oil as most RC and hobby shops.

    Typically grease is for a gears and things of that nature (AEG) and the Dan Wesson Revolver is a gas pistol, assuming we're referring to the same item.

    Edit: Sorry I failed to answer your initial question. Things like unjamming/cleaning rods I tend to buy used from locals where possible. If it's not possible, eBay or Amazon. I often have problems finding cleaning rods from retailers or they want to charge an arm and a leg for shipping due to size.
    The oil, I prefer to go to RC shops as there are often more choices with weights qualities, and amounts. Amazon also has it ready to go.

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    Here is where I get the majority of my stuff:

    Optics - Airsoft Cart International
    Misc Parts - Evike
    Flashlights - TinyWind
    BBs - Local shop or Evike
    Silicone Oil - eBay
    Thick silicone (shock oil) - Local Hobby Store
    Internals - Clandestine
    Externals - Airsoft Society!! ;)
    Other cleaning materials - Local gun store