OP Blacksheep @ The Cove, September 21-23

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    If anyone wants to be a part of a new national level event, look no further! Operation Blacksheep is coming to Virginia!

    Major Bucciarelli (callsign Blacksheep6) has been running a fantastic game up at Ft Drum in Watertown NY for a few years now, and I have attended 3 of his games. I can give you my personal testament that Blacksheep puts on a fantastic game, and is about to up the ante on woodsball games everywhere.

    I was part of the scouting party that went down with Blacksheep to check out the site and brainstorm for what we could do with this site, and the possibilities are truly endless. So naturally, we went all out... this game will have 2 Huey helicopters (flown by retired military pilots) to infil and exfil people from the site. Also, Blacksheep managed to combine this event with a military vehicles rally, so there will be a plethora of duece-and-a-halfs, halftracks, and more vehicles to transport people around the site. This game will redefine epic... now all we need are attendees!

    Your support will determine the longevity of this event. Since we got over 500 people at OP Blacksheep @ Pine Plains, we were hoping for 700-1000 for The Cove. Honestly, this game is an investment. You're not paying backyard game prices, but you're also not attending a backyard game, and it will force you to step up your game to a level you've never thought possible.

    Here are the details from the website, to go thecove.opblacksheep.com for more details!!

    This is a 21 hour, force-on-force, objective oriented, continuous combat simulation at The Cove Campground in Gore, Virginia. This unique piece of terrain has been used by the United States Marine Corps, SEAL Team 6, the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency in preparations for deployments worldwide.

    The most important thing that makes this event safe is the Cadre. These folks are US Army combat veterans who have been there, done it and used the t-shirt to clean up the mess – listen to them. I wouldn’t conduct this event without them.

    Company Commanders (CO) for each side: Retired US Army Infantry

    Company Executive Officers (XO) for each side: Seasoned/mature airsoft player

    First Sergeants (1SG) for each side: Retired US Army Infantry

    Platoon TACs (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) (one per platoon): Retired US Army Infantry. Platoon TACs (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) will be responsible for tactical training, guidance and mentoring of squads, tactical employment of squads and communication between squads and company leadership. Platoon TACs (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) will be responsible for five squads each. Anyone interested in filling a Platoon TAC (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) position must contact Blacksheep6.

    Range Safety Officer: Local liaison to the community and completely familiar with the terrain.

    Observer/Controllers (OC) (6+): Retired US Army Infantry.

    Date: 21 – 23 September 2012
    Location: The Cove Campground, Gore, Virginia
    Scenario: Operation Blacksheep is a force on force, objective oriented, 21 hour continuous tactical simulation
    Age Restriction: must be 18+
    Citizenship: Open to an international audience. Non US citizens must meet applicable requirements for travel to the United States
    Magazine Restriction: mid-cap only
    Pellet Restriction: biodegradable only
    Company A (GREEN) will be in OD/Green Fatigues, Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), Woodland MARPAT, Woodland CADPAT, Woodland DPM, ATAC-FG & ACU. The PCU jacket is considered part of the ACU.
    Company B (TAN) will be in Tan/Coyote Brown Fatigues, Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU), Desert MARPAT, Arid CADPAT, Arid DDPM; Desert A-TACS and Multicam.