OP: HEARTS AND MINDS 04AUG12 at LZ-5 Iraqi Freedom

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    Registration is up:
    This month’s operation is based on OIF Iraq, and includes civilian / role-players.

    Civilians may or may not be combative. The goal of the USFOR is to ‘liberate’ the civilian population, not to kill them. As a civilian, you may be friendly to US forces, and will have some things to do that have nothing to do with attacks or shooting plastic BBs.

    If you are interested in a civilian role, let Mike or me know, on the SCA, BAAL or SPEAR Group forum, the facebook page, or email.



    Iraq 2007: At the height of the sectarian violence in Iraq, a fresh US Army unit has been rotated to a station near a small Iraqi village in the Al Anbar Province. Their mission is to protect and control their area of operations (LZ-5). There has been a large amount of insurgent activity in the area recently, and after several bombing of local villages it has become high priority to protect against civilian causalities.


    Protect the Iraqi Village from Insurgent attacks
    Gather Intelligence on Insurgent plans
    Locate and Destroy Insurgent Ammunition Cache


    ROE: Do not engage, unless specifically fired upon (not even if the person has a weapon!)

    * Changes if FRAGO issued by TANFOR Command
    Establish Observation Position at the Village by 10:00, maintain till EndOp
    Protect FOB Victory
    Capture Insurgent Plans (1 of 3)
    Locate and Destroy Insurgent Ammunition Cache
    Coordinate activity via frequent, regular radio communications.
    ** Can not leave FOB on foot unless you are with Scout Team.
    *** Scout Team must patrol all of LZ-5 (ideally sticks together) returns only to resupply or if all killed.
    **** Make friends with villagers to gain intelligence and trust. Record encounters, information, and other things. Forward to GreenFor Command
    ***** Observation post building will be marked, can not enter other buildings without Commands or villagers permissions.


    Prepare all personal equipment ASAP
    Designate Unit Leaders (3). Designate Medics.
    Perform all briefing tasks ASAP.
    Insert to Pipeline Building. (As early as possible, must do chrono before entering field.)
    Separate Med brief from TanFor.
    Select Medics, 1:6 Medics (1:4 if less than 2).
    FOB Victory acts as normal FOB respawn rules.
    CCP: Keep medics alive. Make CCP 300 feet or more away from fight.
    Lunch in field.
    Vehicles: White Pick Up Truck , and another?
    Support – Resupply at FOB Victory, Plastic Bin


    OIC – Warner
    Squad Leaders: 3
    SKT – to destroy TanFor ammo cache. Minimum 2 people + Thunder B or other explosive.
    Freq. – Command _____. Must have large radio pack.
    Team Tactical ______ -
    Call signs: TBA