Op. Hell Night 2 Monterrey, Mexico

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    Reapers Monterrey Airsoft Team, in association with Special Tactics Airsoft Club, Nuevo Leon (STAC-NL), are proud to present the second edition of
    Op. Hell Night II.

    International Milsim Airsoft Event
    -Date: October 22 & 23, 2016.
    -Place: Autodromo Monterrey (Monterrey City Racetrack)
    -City: Monterrey, NL. Mexico.
    -Sponsors (so far): Gotcha & Airsoft Supply; Airsoft Toy Soldiers; Autodromo Monterrey
    -Summary: This event is expected to last for more than 14 hours including dawn, day, dusk, and night operations, attracting more than 200 confirmed (as of 05/16) airsofters from Mexico, US and Europe.
    -Plot: World oil reserves have substantially decreased following fuel apocalypse. Several outlaw groups have gathered to infiltrate one of the few remaining and highly-secured oil production complex.

    Getting there
    Getting to Monterrey is very easy.

    By Car
    Monterrey City is a 2-hr drive south of either McAllen, TX., or Laredo, TX.
    and barely 5-hr drive from San Antonio, TX.

    (Monterrey in google maps click here)

    By Plane
    Monterrey International Airport has scheduled direct flights all day arriving from Houston Intercontinental Airport as well as many other major US cities and airport hubs.
    Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Aeromexico are the major airlines that connect US airports to Monterrey Int'l Airport.
    Low-cost airlines, such as Interjet, Volaris, and VivaAerobus also share direct flights to/from Monterrey and many important cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Orlando, only to name a few.
    For longer or less common flights, connections between Monterrey and Mexico City go about every 40 minutes dialy.

    Staying there
    There will be a camping area for active players, where you can set up camp in the middle of the match. This area will be live and open to raids, ambushes, etc. So a safety perimeter should be established by involved teams.
    There will also be a "Safe Camping Area" for non active players. This area will remain quiet and out of the conflict.
    There are many hotels in the area. Some of them as close as 5 minutes by car.

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