**OP: HOT ROD Now only $25**

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    AEG has decided that we are going to drop the price of OP: HOT ROD to increase the numbers. The cost of the Op is now $25. This will still be the same Op, we just lowered the price to make it affordable for more Operators. This is an ALL-DAY Operation; you WILL be in the field ALL-DAY. You will be operating all-day, from one mission right into the next. Believe me, you will get your money’s worth.
    If you are looking for an Op, not kiddie games, you need to come to OP: HOT ROD. If you are looking to increase your skill-set and test your abilities, you need to come to OP: HOT ROD. If you want to start playing in the morning, not at brunch, you need to come to OP: HOT ROD. For a little more than the price you would pay for a normal day, at a normal field, you can play in a first rate, well-planned, all-day Operation.

    OP: HOT OD, November 14, 2012 – 08:00-16:00 - $25.00

    We write Ops YOU want to play.
    And we RUN them.
    Real world rulesets
    Ammo Limitations
    Squad Restrictions (everyone is NOT a support gunner)
    Real Medic Rules
    Armor Bonuses

    Be a part of something great, and be there at the beginning!
    Boss Hat Out