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    Hosted at Augusta Airsoft
    152 Johnson Rd, Stuarts Draft Va
    July 25, 2015
    Gates Open at 5 PM
    $20 until July 4
    $30 until July 24
    $40 day of the event

    Paypal to - [email protected]
    Please designate squad when paying!


    FPS will be capped at 450! Semi Auto only for this game! No full auto fire allowed for this event!

    Player Requirements

    No single players. All players must be on a squad. Those that register without a Squad designation will be assigned to an open slot.
    Squads consist of 4-6 players. Squads may not join up in game.

    Each squad is required to have at least one member with a working radio or cell phone. The BattleTac app for smart phones is highly suggested.

    Each player is required to carry a light source. If a Blindman situation is called, all players will use their light source immediately and keep it on until the situation is resolved.

    Replica’s will be kept at 450 FPS and below. This event is SEMI AUTO ONLY!

    Player loadout will be what ever they wish; however must accommodate for all needs. There will be no break once the game starts, so all items will need to be carried with them onto the field.

    NVG’s will be allowed, but used at the owner’s own risk. Same for IR type lights.

    Players need to have some kind of IFAK on them. Even if it’s just band aids and tape.

    Teams will be in 4-6 man squads
    No joining squads

    6 separate objective areas, called Marker Stations (MS) will be in place. Team may not camp at the MS. After the MS requirements have been complete, team will only be allowed 10 minutes to stay in the area, they are then required to move on.

    Each MS will have an envelope set in them. Each set will be labeled with a squads designated name. Each envelope will contain a 3x5 card with the squads designator number and a random numerical or word designator.

    Each set will have a number on them, in numerical order from 1 - 6. The first time the squad enters an area, they will open envelope #1. They will then contact Game HQ with the info inside. Once the designators are verified, the squad will move to the next MS.

    MS’s may be hit in any order the squad sees fit. Squads will start in separate areas, though not in the MS. Squad leaders will draw cards to see which starting area they will begin in. Where they go from there is up to them.

    Medic Rules will be as follows. Squads will have 1 Medic. When a player is hit, the Medic will tie a white strip of cloth around the player’s arm/gear where it is visible. If that player is hit again, he is no longer combat effective and must immediately stop firing. A squad member will need to move toward the downed player, and may move the player as long as they are in physical contact. Players in contact may be moved, but may not respawn until HQ has been called, a time limit given, and the time limit expired. If too many of the Squads players are combat ineffective, the squad must break off contact and call for Medivac. Game HQ will give the squad a time for Medievac. When that time frame has expired, the Squad will respawn together and resume game play.

    More info to follow...
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    where is this going to be held and what about snipers? if theres a limit to only 450 FPS half the snipers are out for that simple fact both of my snipers are at the 500 range

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    We are hosting this at Augusta Airsoft, LLC in Stuarts Draft, Va.

    450 is the FPS cap due to safety issues of a close quarters night game.