Open Event December 15th at Area 6 Airsoft of Somserset, New Parts of Field Opened

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    Open event Saturday, December 15th at Area 6 Airsoft of Somerset.

    For waiver, rules, and directions, see our website:

    Check in from 10:30-11:00am, rules meeting then games. Will be a regular game day. Cost will be $15 to play any field all day. We will have food and drinks for sale. As of June 1st we need a new waiver from everyone, so if you have not played since then you will need a new signed waiver.
    We will be opening two new parts of the field, previously unplayed. The first new area will be played with proximity closer than woods, but further than CQB. The games will be similar to the assault the city scenarios as we have played at previous events. The second new area will be similar to the woods course. Full auto will be allowed.

    If we have to cancel the event for inclement weather or other reasons, it will be posted on our home page and Facebook page. Please check back near game day.

    Any questions can be pm'ed on here or emailed to me at [email protected]

    Hope to see you at the field.