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    We have all been in the terrible position of playing a weekend of airsoft as a lone operator. Often outnumbered, with unreliable teammates and incoming fire from all directions.

    How do you who frequent skirmishes solo succeed when presented with the task of fighting alone? Do you play safe and sneaky, try to work with your assigned team, or try to overwhelm the opfor as best you can by yourself?

    I find that working with teammates that you aren't used to playing with is often quite a long shot, but I try to support them the best I can anyways. Sneaking around alone only ever gets me overwhelmed in all-but-unwinnable 1vX situations.
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    It honestly just depends on the size and caliber of the event. If it's a small event or pick-up game, I have no problem going solo if the team I'm with are a bunch of numb-skulls. Though before getting to that point I at least try to ration with them and get them to strategize. The problem is some players are just run-and-gunners. When I do go solo, sneaky squirrel is about the best course of action. There's no one to cover your back, no one to tell you what's going on around the field, you're literally alone, so you want to be as off the radar as possible. Even if you're having an awesome day and doing a great job, it's still in your best interest to lay low. Take out solo and 2 man teams. When it comes to larger groups, you're best to either get in an easily defendable position THEN attack, or unload and retreat.

    Me at my best, I was decent. I could quickly find good hiding places and lay cover to keep opposing forces stuck or hindered. But I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be taken out.

    Long story short, unless you're trying to recon, I personally wouldn't advise you go solo. It tends to not work out more times than it actually works out.

    Now if this is a CQB field, sometimes solo play proves helpful, especially when you can sneak around behind the opposing team

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    I do this pretty much every time i go to a game, there's not much team feel at our field... Sometimes I just rush the enemy right at the beginning and try and take out a few before I get blasted, you know, the "Leroy Jenkins move". Other times I try somewhat work with my team mates or use them as "stepping" stones. Occasionally I try and take on the leader role and sometimes it works.
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    I've never been an assault-oriented player, support, recon, and security is pretty easy to handle solo.

    As far as having teammates not worth the bbs they're shooting, you just have to deal with it.
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    When I go solo, I try to work the edges. by keeping close to the perimeter, I only have 3 sides to really worry about. Stealth and tactics become the name of the game. You do have to understand that you can get yourself blocked in if you allow anyone to flank you though.
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    This is pretty much what i find works best too. Playing center field is only ever going to get you boxed in, and when nobody else on your team is really aware of you, you won't be getting much in the means of bailing out.

    I just try to hang back a good distance from my team, pinning enemy players down for them and staying far away from the other team's main attack force. I end up playing more of a support role, which isn't a bad thing I guess.

    If your teammates aren't productive though, you're completely screwed.