Operation: Atlas Shrugged

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    Albany Raiders is proud to announce their First Operation!



    In the year 2013, the crisis in the Middle East went nuclear. Gas prices have shot up to $40.36 per gallon nationwide and with increasingly high governmental taxation and regulations, the American people have chosen open revolt. Without warning, entrepreneurs, company owners, and big business men as well as regular citizens like farmers, doctors, lawyers, and soldiers are disappearing and the government wants them back.

    The only clue as to their whereabout is the name “John Galt,” the leader of the free resistance that has taken up arms against anarchy. Henry Rearden, the owner of Rearden Steel, is on the verge of a breakthrough to invent a new metal alloy that will be far stronger than steel and will have a great impact on the railroad industry if it is successful.

    One of the needed supplies for this alloy can only be found in the fields of southwest Georgia, where Rearden has set up a mining operation to recover the material. Government agencies think he may have been contacted by John Galt and must not be allowed to slip away with the information about this new alloy. A detachment of soldiers has been sent to recover him at all costs as well as to get the information about this new alloy and as much of it as they can. Due to the massive debt crisis, the Government was not able to send as many men as they wanted, but these are the best of the best. These soldiers are dedicated to serving the Government and it is known that they will return victorious or in body bags.

    There has been a lot of movement in the resistance and it seems that they have gotten wind of the plan. A ragtag team of former special operators, military men, fire arms instructors, gun enthusiasts, and normal citizens have banded together under John Galt to get to Rearden in time. The skirmish may seem small, but it could have repercussions that will rock the world as we know it!

    Keep checking back for more details!
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    Game day schedule:

    0800 Players arrive.
    0830 Chrono Opens (All guns must be Chrono'd)
    0930 Safety Briefing (All players must attend the safety Briefing)
    1000 Game 1 start
    1200 Lunch
    1300 Game 2 Start
    1500 Raffle
    1530 Game 3 Start
    1730 Op missions over, fun games as prescribed.

    Safety Information

    A waiver is required of every player for participation in Operation. Minors, or players under the age of 18, must have parental consent as well as a “Release and Waiver of Liability.” http://albanyairsoft.com/waiver.pdf
    Treat airsoft guns like they are real firearms – Muzzle awareness, Magazines out, Safety on. Only use the fiddle zone for test firing and Chronoing.
    When games are in session, ANSI Z87.1 or higher eye protection must be worn at all times! Full seal and paintball masks are recommended but not required.
    Drink plenty of water – if you begin to feel dizzy or lightheaded, immediately call yourself out, move to a safe, shady area, take a seat, and sip water. Notify a game official as soon as possible.
    Watch your step, for sharp objects, and for dangerous animals and insects.
    If it seems like a stupid idea, don’t do it.

    Field Rules

    Be honest and call your hits!
    If you think you hit someone and they don’t acknowledge it, let it go, you can always shoot them again.
    If you are unsure whether you were hit in a firefight, it’s in your best interest to call yourself as hit.
    Never call someone out on their hits, this only leads to arguments, have faith they will call themselves out.
    If there is someone who is consistently not calling their hit, notify the officials.
    If you are hit anywhere (including friendly fire) you are OUT! The only exceptions are weapon hits and obvious richocets.
    You may not shoot a “hit” or “dead” player again – it only takes one 6mm BB to be out.
    No blind firing – defined as shooting around an obstacle without deliberate aim.
    Dead men don’t talk (or hint, point, look at the enemy player, etc.).
    You cannot fake being dead and if challenged with what team you’re on, you must answer honestly.
    If Arm bands are in use, you may not hide or conceal your team colors.
    Use of foul, abusive, intimidating, or profane language is strongly discouraged.
    You may have a “Knife Kill” by going up to and touching or tagging the enemy player.

    Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)

    With a 400 FPS gun, the closest you can engage another player is at 20 feet (approximately 10 paces). If you encounter a situation where you are closer than 20 feet, you must should out “Bang! Bang!” – the first person to shout this out wins and the other player must call themselves out. If there is a question of who called it first, a parlay rule goes into effect – both players will turn around, take 10 paces out, and resume playing.

    FPS Limitations (all FPS measurements are with 0.20 gram BB’s)

    The maximum FPS is 400 for AEG’s and 550 for Sniper rifles/DMR’s with a 100 feet MED. Failure to follow these limitations and MED rules is disrespectful, extremely painful, and also dangerous. If you do not have a chronograph to check before the game day, search for the use of the “Poor Man’s Chrono.”


    Additional details to follow…

    I know it might be a little far for some of you, but if you want to come down near Albany GA, we are hosting our first Operation in October!

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    When will this take place? I have a few friends that might like this, how long will it be? Just a day or like 2 days?
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    This is a one day Operation.


    What: Operation Atlas Shrugged
    When: Saturday, 27, October, 2012
    Where: 1998 Rock Storey Rd, Sasser, GA 39842
    Who: Open to any and all players willing to come.
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    This sounds so awesome. Wish I could come, but I live 4 hours away and don't have time to drive that much for a one day op.
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    No worries. This is the first Op we have put on. We're hoping to grow it out to eventually have larger Ops to attract a bigger crowd.