Operation Dark Harvest: Saturday & Sunday, 10 & 11 November

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    Operation Dark Harvest
    BAMF (Quarry)
    10 November 2012 – 11 November 2012
    Gates Open at 1200, First Game starts at 1400
    See below for prices.

    Gill Quarry
    3201 Potshop Rd
    East Norrition, PA 19403
    (field is located behind the quarry)

    Operation Dark Harvest is the first operation in what seems to be shaping out into an ongoing campaign waged between two factions, The Prussians (Green) and the Norritons (Tan), fighting over control of some area of land rich with uranium. Both factions are in a race to produce a nuclear program before to other to control the area.

    As of Friday, 2 November 2012, the Prussian Militia has moved into the area and set up a quick defense in hopes to hold the ground long enough to set up a strong hold to control the area. Shortly after the Prussian boots hit the dirt the Norriton Militia moved into the area and are planning on a quick strike to knock the Prussian Militia out of the area before they dig in.

    Up until this point the war between the two factions has been just a grudge match and some low level skirmishes. Will Saturday be all that is needed to send both sides into a war? What side will you fight for?

    Come out to Operation Dark Harvest, SEPA Airsoft’s first over night game, and the first overnight game at BAMF (Quarry) in almost 2 years. For a low price of $25.00 you are eligible to play both Saturday, Saturday night Black Ops missions and Sunday play. Camping is also available but you must sign up ahead of time for camping. If you attended Contra or Moshtarak you will receive a discounted admission.

    Walk On Fee (without pre reg) - $35.00
    Pre Reg Fee ($5.00 deposit) - $25.00
    Contra Discount (must have attended) - $5.00 Off (can not be combined)
    Moshtarak Discount (must have attended) - $5.00 Off (can not be combined)

    A place to set up your camping gear and whatnot is available to people who request it ahead of time. No camping gear, tents or anything else is provided by SEPA, you will need to bring your own stuff. There will be no running water or any other facilities provided by SEPA, once again you are on your own so be prepared. Camping stoves or grills, propane or coal is allowed; no open fires or fire pits. SEPA staff may have a bon fire but that will be determined by the weather.
    If you are under 18 you will need to have an additional waiver filled out by your parent(s) or guardian(s) to be allowed to stay overnight.

    Schedule: TBD
    Eagle Airsoft

    Weather: TBD

    For those of you who have not made it out to BAMF yet it’s a large 50 acre field broken down into several playable airsoft fields. The area is mostly wooded with a few open areas and three dirt roads and a couple creeks running threw it. There is also a few buildings and bunkers to use during game play. The woods go from dense to light in many areas and the layout is great for sneaking around or just hunkering down. There are a lot of game options that can be played here. Most of the games are set up for long range sniping and mid to long range field play with a few CQB style battles. Maps and other details can be found on the site.

    Is there an age limit?
    There is no age limit as long as minors have the waivers signed by a parent/guardian.

    Who owns the property?
    Harry Gill’s family. You can meet him at any and all of BAMF (Quarry) games.

    Where can I find the rules?

    Do I need to fill out a waiver to play?
    Yes, you will need two. Sign them once for the year of 2012 and turn them in (with $5 yearly fee).
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1niBFn4D6HWTJDuEXzKXRQSvwypxptbG... (if you are under 18 please print both pages onto 1 page front and back)


    If you have any questions you can PM me or just post on here.


    Assault Class Weapons: (mid caps perferred but not manditory)
    -FPS: 400 w/ .25g bbs (15' mininum engagement distance)
    -No box, drum or c-mags

    SR/DMR Class Weapons: (mid caps only)
    -FPS: 500 w/ .25g bbs (75' mininum engagement distance)
    -Standard or mid capacity magazines only
    -Must be fitted with 3x zoom scope or higher to be classified as a DMR
    -Must be a full length version gun or longer (no cqb length rifles)
    -Must be preapproved

    Support Class Weapons: (must have proper magazine)
    -FPS: 425 w/ .25gbbs (30' mininum engagement distance)
    -Magazine must match the real steel version
    -Must be fitted with bipod
    -You should preapprove to avoid confusion

    Sub Machine Gun Class:
    -Same as Assault Class

    Hand Gun Class:
    -FPS: 350 w/ .25g bbs (5' mininum engagement distance)
    -FPS: 351-400 w/ .25g bbs (15' mininum engagement distance)

    -M203/M320: bbs must hit player, voids armor rules
    -Hand grenades: 15' kill radius, must go off (no dummy grenades)
    -Flash Bangs are no grenades
    -Must be tossed underhand
    -The use of smoke grenades will be determined a day or two before the event pending how dry the field is.
    Pre Register by either using PayPal and sending $5.45 to [email protected] or by paying $5.00 cash at any of the SEPA events. When using PayPal please include for full name in the memo to avoid confusion.
    When registering either PayPal or cash send me a PM and include your info:
    Name: (First & Last)
    Age: (Age at time of event)
    Team: (if applicable)
    Faction: (Green or Tan)
    Camping: (Yes or No)
    Did you attend Contra or Moshtarak: (Yes or No)

    Prussians (Green):
    Acceptable uniforms:
    - Woodland BDU
    - Olive Drab
    - Woodland Marpat
    - Green based foreign uniforms (please pre approve)
    - UCP/ABU
    - Civilian Clothing (must have green shirt)
    Shirt/Jacket and pants do not have to match but must be of the acceptable uniforms.
    Head gear must be of the acceptable uniforms.
    Gear does not count and can be any color.

    Norritons (Tan):
    Acceptable uniforms:
    - DCU
    - DBDU
    - Multicam
    - Atacs
    - FG Atacs
    - Khaki
    - Tan based foreign unifroms (please pre approve)
    Shirt/Jacket and pants do not have to match but must be of the acceptable uniforms.
    Head gear must be of the acceptable uniforms.
    Gear does not count and can be any color.

    All black uniforms will be available for both teams to use for any of the "Black Ops" missions. All players will be issued an arm band of either Tan or Green for all "Black Ops" missions.

    Items needed:
    - Waivers (if not already turned in)
    - Red Dead Rag (bandanna or other similar size cloth)
    - ANSI approved Eye protection
    - Face protection for minors (recommended for all)

    "Black Op Missions"
    - Chem Lights/Glow Sticks (or similar LED stick)
    - Flashlight

    (more will be added later)
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    Blue Bell

    The Prussian army was able to make it onto the field and set up small fortifications before the Norrition army was even able to get to the battle leaving them no other choice but to hit them fast and hard before they could really dig in. The Norritions army attacked the Prussians at the ruins and a long skirmish broke out with heavy exchange of fire. With only a few men left the Norritons were able to push them out of the ruins and clear the radio bunker as well giving them control of the area where they decided to establish their HQ.

    Will the HQ was being established they continued their push and rushed the farm. Turns out the farm was actually the Prussian HQ and well defended. After a long pitched battle the Prussians were holding their ground forcing the Norritions to make one last finial charge at the farm house. It was a well coordinated attack which breached the Prussian line but fell short of actually taking either of the buildings.

    Not letting the defeat hold them back the Norritons quickly regrouped and by passed the farm and hit the FOB. Due to the recent hurricane the FOB was not ready to hold off any kind of sustained attack. The Prussians didn't stand much of a chance in holding the area for very long and it turned out to be a quick decisive victory for the Norritons giving them another location to hold in the center of the AO. The attack was brutal and left the Prussians a little disorganized and they fell back to the machine gun bunkers along the MSR in an attempt to hold off the Norriton attack.

    The Prussians attempted to set up a skirmish line along the MSR in an attempt to protect the lower area. They set up a long line leaving it a little thin giving the attackers an advantage to break it. The defenders were hoping to cut off any chance of a flanking maneuver. The Norritions decided to hit the left flank and hit it hard. With the line being so thin they were able to bust right threw it leaving just the machine gun bunker and the right line. With a lot of suppressive fire they were able to subdue the bunker and gain the high ground. With no high ground, no fortifications and a shattered line the Prussians fell back to Bravo Field in an attempt to hold the last bit of remaining ground.

    Well the last two skirmish victories the moral was high and the Norritions were pushing hard. They decided to finish the attack by knocking the greens off the map. Morals may have been high for the tans but the ammo was low. Combine that with over 2 hours of constant charging they did not have enough left to take that last bit of land. The greens were also fighting hard to hold on to the hope of having two fronts on the battlefield. After about 2 1/2 hours of fighting, tan just did not have enough to take it leaving Bravo field in control of the Prussians.

    As the sun started to set the attacks started to flare up again all along Alpha field, the cat tails and the ruins. Each side was hoping to strike at each others moral in an attempt to gain some control of the night and the start of the next game. Each team was tasked with attacking each others HQ and stealing the flag showing that they could strike at any time. There was a lot of shooting all along the road way and around both HQs. After about an hour of combat the fighting stopped when green's flag ended up in the tan's HQ. With the Prussian moral shot they decided to fall back for the night and regroup and plan their next move. It was an embarrassing defeat for green when 2 tan players (Gill & Misery) well able to trick the entire team and remove the flag. Gill moved all along the green line poking, prodding and engaging the greens making them think they were going against a good sized squad. While this was going on, Misery was able to sneak right threw the green line, within feet of several green players and sneak into the farmhouse green was using as an HQ. The flag was removed from it's perch, with a green player 10-15 yards away (facing the wrong way), and sneak back out, and threw the lines to link up with Gill. They then snuck back threw the woods to the tan HQ, sneaking threw the green players attacking the runis and place the flag right next to the tan flag. (Did I mention I did not even fire a single shot?) The fight was over and green was informed that their flag was missing. (Not sure how they missed a green flag with a green chem light attached to it moving threw the woods).

    That was pretty much the end of day one with only a few small skirmishes around the farm and ruins. Both teams fell out of combat to rest and get ready for the next day of action. While green was left to lick their wounds and rest tan decided to enjoy their victory and party a bit too hard around the bonfire. Come morning, the Norritons were in rough shape.

    The morning started with both teams trying to gain control of each others HQ to deny that team that area. Tan hit hard and fast and gained 2/3 of the field right of the bat. This instantly demoralized green but they did not give up. The Prussians fought back with everything they had pushing the Norritons back into the ruins. After 2 hours of fighting the tide of the battle had changed leaving the majority of the North to the Prussians.

    At this point both sides had high casualties and their numbers were low (people were leaving to go home) neither army was ready for any major offensive. A few skirmishes we fought here and there all along the north area of the field. The fighting died off a few hours after that. As of now the Prussian and Norriton leader or engaging in a truce in an attempt to work out a peaceful agreement.

    Will peace come to the area or will greed prevail? Both sides are continuing to re enforce and stack the military while negotiations are going on. Stay tuned to see what comes of the area come January when the deadline for the talks is reached. The end of January will mark a new agreement or a new conflict.

    Thanks goes out to all the players that game out, Eagle Airsoft, SEPA staff, and all our helpers. We would not have had a great day with out you guys. Also, thank you to all the new faces that made the trip to our little field...I hope you all had a great time!!!