Operation: Day Break January 2-3rd Whitewright, Texas

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    January 2nd-3rd, Trenton Airsoft Park will be holding Operation: Day Break, a post-apocalypse themed DayZ style game. Participants will be camping out on the field, with random raids occurring from both the undead and rival factions competing for survival - food, ammo, water, and fuel. Participants will set up camp and try to survive the night. Those not wishing to camp in-game may do so in the staging area.

    Rangers - Tan based camouflage.
    Bandits - Civilian clothing
    Outlaws - Green based camouflage

    Ruleset is the AMS ruleset.

    For more information, see Trenton Airsoft Park on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Trenton-Airsoft-Park-826348997472561/?fref=ts)

    I really hope to see a lot of folks come out. I'm not admin but offered to help advertise for the event, so feel free to post questions and comments in this thread.