Operation Frost Bite

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    Operation Frost Bite

    Sunday, December 23, 2012
    10:00am until 8:00pm
    Price: 15$

    Gunny's Warfare Center
    6009 Old Highway Road or
    6009 RTE Road

    2 hours ago, a NATO Recon plane was performing a low level surveillance operation when it was hit by small arms fire. The plane crash but not before the pilot and her cargo was ejected from the craft. The pilot has activated his beacon and signaled for help however he has fallen into a Red Zone. Al Qaeda has been spotted many times in the area and is believe to be responsible for the crash. What was the plane doing over the Red Zone, What was its Cargo, and Why was it shot down?

    NATO Forces (Tan)
    CO: Austin
    XO: Evan
    LT: Jayson
    LT: George
    LT: Hayden

    Al Qaeda (Green)
    CO: Danny
    XO: Kyle
    LT: Matt
    LT: Alex


    Scott Chinn
    Robert Sorrels


    ---Gunny’s Warfare Center, Rules---

    ===Section I: General Rules===

    Rule #1: Each player is to show respect and kindness to other players regardless if they are playing with or against.

    Rule #2: Profanity is not permitted or tolerated!

    Rule #3: Behavior must be respectful as well. If you are found to be rude and/or inappropriate, you will be warned and/or punished based on the circumstances.

    Rule #4: No offensive language, behavior, posts, pictures, or anything that may attack a person(s) or a group.

    Rule #5: Playful and humorous bantering is allowed if the intended is not offended and plays along with it. If not, then please stop.

    Rule #6: No players will use illegal drugs and/or substances on or at the event. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate ejection from the event.

    Rule #7: After every game, Players will stop and take the time to clean up the area they used. We will leave it clean and free of trash.

    Rule #8: All Players will remember to exercise all gun safety rules.

    ===Section II: Field Rules===

    Rule #1: All participants use ONLY Airsoft guns in their games. These guns must conform to the FPS (Feet per second) limit that Gunny’s Warfare Center has decided on. The following is a list of minimum engagement rules. A minimum engagement distance is the closest you can get to another player and fire upon them. Your gun will be tagged with the appropriate color band at the chronograph station.

    400-450 FPS w/.25g 75 feet Full Auto (Red)

    360-400 FPS w/.25g 50 feet Full Auto (Orange)

    340-360 FPS w/.25g 10 feet Full auto (Green or Yellow)

    0-340 FPS w/.25g 5 feet Full auto (Blue)

    Rule #2: All participants MUST wear eye protection! Eye pro requirements are subject to field owners' discretion. Most fields will require a signed waiver, if you are a minor, it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If at any time a player removes his or her eye protection in the field of play while a game is in progress, they will be immediately ejected without a refund. There is NO exception no matter how far away you think you are from the action, even if you are at your respawn! Ideally, all Airsoft players should have full face masks, long sleeve shirts, full pants, and gloves whenever they play Airsoft. The rules for eye protection are as follows:

    10-14yrs Must have a full facemask.

    15-17yrs Must have a facemask or full seal eye protection with a mouth guard or shemagh.

    18+yrs Must have full seal eye protection

    All players under the age of 18 shall, when playing in a CQB game, wear a hard face mask with full seal eye protection. All players at or over the age of 18 shall be required to wear full seal eye protection. Additional face and mouth protection for players over 18 will be at their own discretion.

    Rule #3: A "hit" or "kill" occurs when a BB makes contact with any part of your person excluding your weapon. This includes backpacks, pouches, camel backs, headgear, etc. Upon being hit you MUST loudly announce you are hit, and IMMEDIATLEY don a "dead rag" on top of your head. A dead rag must have a minimum perimeter of 32 inches, and a bright, neon color that does not match any part of your gear. You cannot talk or communicate in any way when you have been hit. The only exception to this is to call for a medic. Giving information concerning game play or talking on radios while hit is strictly prohibited. BBs known to be "ricochets" do not count as a hit. This is any time that you are certain that a BB has hit an inanimate surface or another player prior to bouncing off of them/it and then hitting you. This being said, always remember: "When in doubt, call yourself out!". A player that repeatedly causes problems with calling himself or herself out will first be given a verbal warning. ANY further problems will result in the player not being allowed to play anymore.

    Rule #4: A "safety kill" MUST BE CALLED when players engage each other under their minimum engagement distances. A safety kill is when you point your weapon at another player and announce "safety kill". Safety kills must be accepted at or under five feet. A safety kill may only be called if you have "the drop" on someone, meaning you have them in your sights and they do not have you in theirs. You may never fire under your MED (minimum engagement distance) even if you call a safety kill that is not accepted. You may not call a safety kill at more than thirty feet, and you may not call one without an airsoft gun aimed at the target. Use common sense concerning this rule, if you happen upon another player at close range and you both have your weapons up, call "parley" and consider both of yourselves hit. YOU CAN NOT SAFETY KILL WITH A PISTOL OR BLIND FIRING!

    Rule #5: Blind firing is not allowed. Blind firing is any time you are discharging your weapon without looking down the barrel or sights of your weapon, or are not presenting some form of viable target to your enemy. Examples would be shooting over or around a wall, shooting behind you, shooting through a small crack or hole, etc.

    Rule #6: A "stealth kill" occurs when another player kills you by making some form of physical contact, either with a rubber knife, muzzle, or anything else in their possession, even their bare hands. This is intended to replicate knife or bayonet kills, and thus is the same as being hit with a BB, with the exception that, though you must immediately acknowledge it and dawn your dead rag, you may NOT make any sound until they are a minimum of fifty feet away. Stealth kills are non-negotiable.

    Rule #7: Any person leaving bounds, wearing a dead rag, or otherwise indicating they are no longer in play (ex: saying they are looking for something, etc.), are no longer in play, and in order to re-enter game play, they must return to their respective respawn point pursuant to the respawn rules in effect at said game.

    Rule #8: Age Limit

    12-14yrs: Parent or Guardian must be within sight at all times either playing or in the field as a noncom with a deadrag and eyepro.

    15-17yrs: An adult (age 18+) must be present to claim responsibility for them, they do not have to be related.

    18+yrs: No restrictions.

    Rule#9: No climbing on tree stands. These are not your property and shall not be used by players.

    Rule#10: All field referees’ rulings are final. Arguing with a ref. will result in removal from the field.

    ===Section III: Special Field Rules===

    Rule #1: Medics will wear arm bands and be give a Life Cord with five knots in it. A Life Cord is how player are healed in this event. In order to heal a Player a Medic must get to a player and untie and then retie them. Once they have finished this the player is back in, this will simulate the time it take to patch a wound on the battlefield.

    Rule #2: Players carrying Objectives are not allowed to shoot with a Primary, Instead they must use a Hand Gun. Hand Guns, Include the following, M9, 1911, KP8, HK45, and so on. Hand Guns are not allowed to be fully automatic, if they are they will not be considered a Hand Gun.

    Rule #3: Each team may have a few Respawns in play at a time, only the Main Respawn will have a barrier around it which Players from the opposing team may not enter, how ever they may trade plastic with those inside it.

    Rule #4: Tanks will be in play. Players are to yield to them and give them the right of way. If you are in the roadway or killed in the roadway and a Tank is approaching, please step off to the side to allow it to pass. Any Personal that comes with in 15ft of an enemy tank is considered dead. Tanks can be killed by Rocket Launchers or Landmines. Both will be explained at the game briefing.

    Rule #5: Thunder Bs grenades can kill players if they are with in a 5 ft radius of it going off. Players will call a hit and wait their bleed out before returning to respawn. Thunder Bs can not kill tanks.

    Rule #6: Rocket launchers will be in play. They are to only be aimed at Tanks, and Bunkers; Never at players. If a Rocket hits a Bunker or Tank. All Players are considered Dead and must wait their bleed out time before returning to respawn.

    More TBA

    If you would like to RSVP heres the Facebook link.

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    Lol cool welcome man. This is my user name on here(Kyle). Now you'll need to introduce you're self to AS, and start building up some rep lol.

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    It's been past 72 hours I think, so bump. Sorry about the double post. But come on NC players, looking forward to seeing some of yall out there on game day. There will be TANKS, so that more than enough reasons to be out there lol.
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    Just found out we have about 50+ people coming now. :D Cant wait dude.
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    Time to see if we can get some more lol. 6 more days guys!!!.
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    Now that we have survived the end of the world "again". It's time for some Frost Bite! Just 2 more days guys. I hope to see y'all out there. And it looks like the game will fit its name after all. So be sure to dress warmly guys.
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    GAME DAY!!! It's time to go get some frost bite, lol. Hope to see some of yall there.