Operation: Protect your Scope. A Complete Guide to Prolonging your Scopes Life In and Off the Field

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  1. Sketch E Assassin

    Sketch E Assassin New Member

    I've personally have gone through at least a couple of scopes in my lifetime. Even with proper protection, somehow players and their shots always found a way to blast my sights from behind or even through the blast shield.

    No matter, what the scenario is when you're playing; if it calls for a sight to be mounted on your gun, then your best bet is to protect it the best you can. Especially if you paid quite a bit for it.

    This has Happened to Me.
    Let me paint you a vivid picture. So you’ve gone ahead and purchased a brand new Leapers UTG Red Dot Scope w/ a 3x Flip to Side Magnifier combo and brought it to your local airsoft field. And after a well-played first round, you noticed your brand new scope has been shot right through.

    Holy Testicle Tuesday Batman. You just cost your self just about $160 depending on the damage it took.

    So imagine the scenario I just described and let it sink in, cause it happens daily on airsoft fields across the world. –Shoot, it’s even happened to me a couple of times and it’s costly when it does, however, it can be prevented with a proper solution.

    What methods are there to protect my scope?
    Fortunately, there are a few solid solutions on the internet that can protect as well as save your expensive scope lens when you’re in the heat of battle. It’s just a matter of what type of scope you’re trying to protect.

    This article will try to serve as an updated (2020) overall guide to protect your scope with DIY as well as conventional store-bought methods with a little combination of both whether your scope is in rain or shine, indoors, or out.

    To check all the options I've put together. Head on over HERE to read the entire darn thing, or skip to the parts you like best.
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  2. Xpart

    Xpart New Member

    Nice article. Helpfull

  3. OutlawAirsoft

    OutlawAirsoft Active Member

    I like the article, but I don't use sights (iron or optical). I prefer to "walk" my shots to the target.
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  4. Splode

    Splode Well-Known Member

    DoNt GeT sHoT. :eek:
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  5. Ben3721

    Ben3721 Well-Known Member

    Got my gopro case cover lense shot out the other day https://www.instagram.com/p/CJrI-asHxDh/?igshid=y19w5zq7k50c
    So after that I decided to just take the glass out. Outline it on some lexan then cut and glue it.
    I also use cutouts on all my optics as well. The cheap lense protectors that side on your rail are made from plastics that shatter stupid easy.

    The issue with lexan, besides being very expensive due to covid, is when anything bumps it, it scratches and dents incredibly easy.

    Acrylic shatters, absorbs water over time then warps and stains so thats a no go. I dont think you can get gorilla glass and sand and cut it, idk if that's heat treated stuff. Then there is cutting edge stuff like transparent aluminum, which i cant wait to work with one day.
  6. BeansOnToast

    BeansOnToast Active Member

    Transparent aluminum? I'm over here layering saran wrap.