Operation: Reality Check 3

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    Operation: Reality Check 3

    October 20th 2012

    Zulu 24 Airsoft Tactical Park
    1489 Little Britain Road
    Rock Tavern, NY 12575
    Entrance Fee: $40

    Age: 17+

    Gates open at 0700
    Mission selection at 0830
    Snipers out at 0900
    1st team RDA out at 0915
    2nd team PMC out at 1000

    Originally produced as a team building exercise by Eagle Squadron S.A.S., Operation: Reality Check has returned after a three-year hiatus to Zulu 24 in Rock Tavern, New York.

    The operation combines the fast-paced action Zulu 24’s events are known for, the excitement and creativity of on-field role play, and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” mission format, that gives individual units sole knowledge of their day’s mission strategy. Reality Check’s format of play has proven to be a great success, and is an exciting and unique game that simply cannot be missed.

    This once a year event, is supported and produced through a partnership between Zulu 24 Airsoft Tactical Park, the premier Airsoft field in the Hudson Valley area, and Eagle Squadron S.A.S. Airsoft Team, winners of this year’s SQUAD OF THE BATTLE award at Operation: Blacksheep.

    This 12-hour game for only a 40-dollar entrance fee, relies heavily on the contributions of on-field role players for it’s success, and over 20 individual role-play personnel will be present throughout the event.

    For more details check over Eagle Squadron’s Operation: Reality Check Facebook page at:



    Zulu 24 Airsoft Tactical Park’s Event Page at:


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    Ugh me and my friends will be missing the age limit by 2-5 months. Sounds fun though.