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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by HavocAirsoft, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. HavocAirsoft

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    i need an airsoft gun that would be ready right out of the box (after battery charge of chourse). im willing to spend around $100-$150. Also can u include some good brands that i wouldnt have to buy upgrades for i can just buy the gun.......Guns of the M4 variety plz...Thank You
  2. Urbanprodigy

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    You don't NEED to get upgrades with any gun, but you NEED to get upgrades with ANY gun if you want it to preform very well. With that money just get a JG. Then you have a good base gun to upgrade later

  3. wolf00

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    Most g&g guns are amazing, check them out there unexpensive to fix and easy to find, mags/ accesories for, also there very high quality
  4. Urbanprodigy

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    Untrue. Only G&G prolines are high quality but they are not very affordable. The CM's are not really that great
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    if I were u I would get a g&g combat machine, I had one for a few years and it was wonderful. the rof isn't the best, neither is the fps but the range and accuracy is amazing.from my experiences with the gun it was accurate up to 125-150 feat. if u get this gun be sure to get a 9.6. I would defenetly recommend it over a jg m4. jut my opinion.
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    Welcome to Airsoft Society. For AR-style weapons under $150, look into JG, G&G, AGM, Matrix, Echo (if you can find them on sale). Here's a recommendation thread if you still need ideas: http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f88/list-recommendations-29828/

    In terms of JG vs G&G there are quite a few threads directly relating to this topic. In all honesty, just research before committing so you know the pros and cons between the many brands.
    Both guns are about the same price, and most will say JG puts a few extra bucks into internals where as G&G puts a few extra bucks into the cosmetics. But regardless, just research.

    ALSO on a side note. Please use full and correct spelling and grammar. This forum doesn't take too kindly to internet shorthand

    In terms of the posts I removed. It was only going to lead to the typical JG vs G&G argument such as this: http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f88/g-g-combat-machine-m4-vs-jg-m4-s-system-26732/
    There are others on the forum, this is just the first a quick search found.