Outdoor vs. Indoor

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by TheAirsoftGuy321, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. TheAirsoftGuy321

    TheAirsoftGuy321 New Member

    What type of airsofting do you prefer indoor or outdoor. Please comment your answer and an explenation of why you thinks so.
  2. DadCRO

    DadCRO Member

    We have a thread that is almost exactly like this, started a day or two ago.

  3. jon_wallace95

    jon_wallace95 Well-Known Member

    I love outdoor, went to one place that was huge outside and had a 2 story building in the middle, it all depends on the gun I'm using, if I'm using a rifle like an m4 then outdoor, but if I'm using a submg or a cqb rifle then I like indoors, I've only gone indoor twice.
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