Paintballer debating the swap to Airsoft

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by mrblazo, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Hey guys. New to forum but most likely gonna stick around a while. Been paintballing and really enjoy it but I found I am moving away from the reason I started and that is Milsim. and to be honest a bit tired of the mess it leaves in my indoor practice range {single dad, so yes my house is my range at times}. I am wondering if you guys can give me a couple reasons airsoft is better or worse then paintball to help me in my decision. I got a ton invested into paintball and imagine airsoft will be the same. The only real difference I see is possibly the mess. But I am sure I am not correct so please inform me!!

    Thanks Jason
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    Hey, welcome :) I happen to be a paintballer for well over 2 years, and now I'm mostly switching over. No need for a full switch though, I'm still going to play paintball, just not nearly as much. The biggest reason for me is that I'm on the younger side (13) and airsoft is MUCH cheaper. Bye bye $80 cases of overpriced paint, hello $20 bags of 5000! What I consider the "entry cost" for both sports (amount of $ to get basic equipment) is about the same, but later down the road, you will be saving tons of money. Example:

    1 day of paintball: $25 entry, $60 case (average)- $85
    1 day of airsoft: $25 entry, $20 bag of BBs (if you even need them)- $45, and that's just if you need BBs!

    Also, if you really enjoy the milsim aspect, airsoft does milsim much better than paintball. I play paintball scenario events, and you will find people in brightly colored tournament cloths to people in Star Wars costumes... You won't find that in airsoft. There is also the mess you mentioned, but I don't consider that a real reason to completely switch, even though it is a plus. This is something I tell all new airsofters though: Play at an organized field! Backyard wars are OK if you can't get out to play much, but notice how I said BACKYARD, not PUBLIC PROPERTY, or ANY PROPERTY THAT ISN'T YOURS. If you do play, make sure it's only on your property. Good Luck!

  3. Ducky

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    Eh, do both. Airsoft can never fully make up for paintball, in my opinion. It's different enough where it just doesn't work picking one over the other.
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    I played paintball for years and started my school team. I loved it. Once it got away from Tactics and moved to speedball I started to look elsewhere. I found airsoft and thought it might be fun. Got shot by a friend, let me shoot him and it was all down hill from there. The realism is my biggest attraction. I run a GBBR (gad rifle) so I have the 30rd mags, the slight kick from the recoil and the overall feel. AEGs are nice as well and I still own mine and run those in the colder weather.
    I owned a Polarstar which is essentially a paintball gun for airsoft. It uses a tank and remote line and that was its only drawback. the performance was amazing but I moved away from paintball for more realism and the airline and tank didnt not do it for me.
    The cost to start is always going to be expensive but thats always the case with most hobbies. I have spent thousands on this sport no guns and gear and will continue to spend. I did the same on paintball as well.
    Once you get passed the initial start up cost (depending on your choices) of 1 couple hundred to a couple thousand, your cost to play is a lot less than paintball. As stated before, you get 5000 rounds for 1/3-1/4 the price of a few hundred paintballs. If you are conservative when shooting like I am, 5000 can last you a few games so there is no need to re supply where as paintball you usually need to buy that fields paint on that day and spend 60-80 every time.
    I sold all my paintball equipment but i will still go play once in a while with a friend. No where does it say you cant do both.
    Again, if you want realism and MilSim, airsoft is a much better way to go because my GBBR fooled my friend in the military who picked it up for a few seconds. Thats the type of realism you get from airsoft.

    Hope to see you start playing and welcome to the boards. (also ignore anyone who bashes paintball, they usually dont know what they are talking about)
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    Santa Rosa
    The mess was the largest reason I haven't gotten back into paintball. If my gun got hit, that would mean at least an hour to clean it. Then there was the pink and yellow stains on my BDU.

    Airsoft leaves hundreds of bbs on the ground, so that's why Bio-bbs are favored with a lot of fields, because they degrade in a short time.
    Airsoft guns are also complicated pieces of equipment, as most are electric and any number of parts can fail at any time.
    However, there is a level of realism you rarely find in other hobbies.
  6. DadCRO

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    I'm pretty sure that bio BBs take a few years to degrade.

    Anyway, I love airsoft vs paintball discussion. In my opinion, paintball has only two advantages over airsoft. The paint (it lets you know if you got hit or not) and the fact that it is more popular than airsoft. Besides those two points, airsoft is better in every way.

    It's cheaper
    It's more realistic
    There is more gun variation
    It's cheaper
    There's so much more TO it, like different firing mechanisms, and more upgrade potential, etc.
    Did I mention that it is cheaper?
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    I'm an airsofter turned paintballer turned back to airsofter. I use to airsoft when it wasn't popular, and became good friends with a bunch of paintballers. Paintball can be a lot of fun. I was always very interested in the milsim aspect of both sports/hobbies... that's probably why I ended up buying 2 RAP4 T68's. I'm back playing airsoft primarily and playing some paintball games every once in a while (You can still do that... it's not a crime to play both sports).

    There are several reasons why I play airsoft more than paintball. Here are just three…

    1. The cost difference. It's true that quality paintball markers cost almost the same as quality airsoft guns. Upgrades are similar in cost too. The difference is in the ammo. $50 worth of BBs goes a long way compared to $50 in paint.

    2. Ease of play. Paintball is messy... Airsoft is "clean". Both require designated fields or arenas, but airsoft can be played anytime of the year. The airsoft community is growing, while the paintball community is kind of stagnant (at least in my area). That's means I get to play more.

    3. Airsoft looks cooler in my humble opinion. Although my T68s look very similar to a M4, they look like a paintball marker. The hopper is always a dead giveaway. :) I can use mags, but they only hold 16 to 18 rounds. Asides from the orange tips, my airsoft guns look real. It's the realism that I’ve always enjoyed.

    Hope this helped. Remember… if you’re not ready to give up one of the sports, don’t. They are both fun.
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  8. CommanderLukas

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    I don't see why you can't do both. Just don't sell all your paintball gear.
  9. DadCRO

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    (20 expensive hobbies)
  10. mrblazo

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    all very good reasons. thanks guys. Look forward to finding the right gear!
  11. Comrade_Communism

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    This was one of the main points that is bringing me to airsoft, rather than paintball.

    I think paintball just doesn't have as many options when it comes to playing, upgrading, or really much else. I've noticed that the airsoft community is much more willing to be helpful to new players in general than paintball. At least when i've played. It also doesn't hurt that I can use 'real' guns like my CM048 AK74. :cool:
  12. CommanderLukas

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    Actually, paintball "games" around here are free. Most of my buddies don't live in town so we can play in the backyard. Back yard airsoft isn't as fun.

    2v2 paintball can last all afternoon without getting bored.
    2v2 airsoft not so much.
  13. McGee

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    San Francisco

    1. Cheaper over time - BB less than paint
    2. More realistic weapons (in general)
    3. Broader choice of weapons
    4. You won't be 'respawning' with paint from the last hit
    5. No need for face masks
    6. There are a HUGE variety of places to go, since there is no paint
    7. You might end up as cool as us lol
    8. The airsoft-specific gear is cheaper (I think)
    9. Military gear works as is - no need for weird Rap4 solutions for pouches, etc.
    10. Range is better
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  14. masterpro72

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    If you wish however that airsoft guns would leave paint marks like paintball does, You can buy 6mm airsoft paintballs IMPORTANT: Only use them in Gas guns and Springers. Not Aegs.
  15. Shady

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    No. No no no no no.

    Stay away from paintball BBs period. A friend of mine used them in my old M93r, and it was never the same after, since a few broke inside. Replaced half the parts before I decided to give up and sell it. Just stay away from them.
  16. WillB

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    Ponca City
    Don't use the paintball BBs at all. I wouldn't want paint all over my hop up. No thanks.

    I've played both. And I enjoy Airsoft WAY more.

    1. The cost is WAY cheaper. Paintball is extremely expensive to play. 2 trips to the field + paintballs could pay for a good Gas Blow Back Pistol (GBB).

    I suggest watching some MilSim Airsoft videos on YouTube to see what MilSim is like. Just search Operation Broken Home Airsoft - American MilSim. It's a event held in Oklahoma with over 600 players, 1000+ acres, Helicopters, deuces, and more.
  17. FSTK

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    I personally prefer Paintball on average because the experience is almost always more fun. Airsoft is fun as well "if you're in the right area". The airsoft experience is always varying because you have a lot of people come and go due to the cost of it being cheap, and the patience to find the right crowd is daunting at times. I'm lucky enough to find a group I really like playing with and that's made the difference in airsoft to me. If I lived in Southern California, the airsoft scene there is HUGE. I've had the privilege of participating in one of the OP: Lion Claws Milsim games when I still primarily ran AEGs. If only games as organized as those were happening bi-weekly like it does down there. I primarily run gas guns as an homage to my paintball background (and cause it's more fun).

    With paintball however, I always have fun because of two factors: the cost of entry is high, and no need for an honor system. On average for me, kids who do try out the sport don't joke because they know just getting the gear together is pricey so they listen and pay attention. I can remember so many exciting CTF/KotH games in Paintball...soo many. Airsoft can emulate a similar experience but there's just no substitute for the sight of seeing coordinated paintballs slushing past you and hitting the things around you, the splash sound, the looks of people around you getting painted. In paintball, you know when you get hit, which mitigates a huge factor that hinders airsoft which is the honor-system.

    If you can deal with the honor-system and find a good airsoft scene to attach yourself to, I think airsoft would be a great investment. You'll get the cost-effective airsoft price but the thriller experience that IMO occurs more often in Paintball.
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  18. TheFallenHero

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    If your willing to deal with how crappy this honor system is then go for airsoft. Tons of times you will shoot people who just go nope. Didnt hit me. Try that in paintball T_T...

    I personally prefer paintball over airsoft. Sure there are jerks in paintball. Atleast they dont lie straight to your face and then shoot you....

    Airsoft is cheaper and milsim looks more realistic i suppose. Your going to spend alot more time tuning and checking gear though. When one of your guns breaks its not like paintball. Where you just go checking all the o-rings. Its taking your whole gun apart to find out one tooth on a gear broke. The only other issue is that airsoft stores are far and few between (atleast around here). If i have to buy gears or something i have to go online and wait for it to arrive in the mail. I know theres like 4 paintball stores near me though.

    The big issue comes down to cash though. Some people will play airsoft just based on the fact of its supposed being cheaper. Which in fact isnt completely true... A fully upgraded aeg can cost over 2 thousand dollars. You can have an e trigger tippman 98 with a decent ehopper for under 500.
  19. DadCRO

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    The honor system works pretty well, as long as you don't play with jerks/retards. Often you think that you hit someone, but in reality, you didn't. People who consistently cheat are usually weeded out.

    If your gun stopped working, it is pretty easy to troubleshoot to see where a problem is coming from (and if your gears are stripping, you're doing it wrong).

    If I had enough cash to play paintball, I'd use it on airsoft. I'm not sure what kind of paintball you usually play, but speedball seems to be the most popular, and airsoft has so much more strategy than that.

    I go back to my two main points (which I have mentioned in a different post); the only advantages paintball has over airsoft is popularity and the paint.
  20. CommanderLukas

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    If you are positive you're hitting center mass (you can see the hits.) Shoot 'em in the ****. He'll call it.

    I personally never had problems with cheaters.