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    Please notice I said Painted

    I'm awaiting delivery of a new KSC G19 I ordered from WGC Shop; from what I understand, the orange tip is not a plastic piece attached to the barrel tip, but actual paint on either the muzzle or the front of the slide...

    Now, pay close attention here, I am looking for definitive, specific answers on how to do this. Please do not lecture me about removing the orange tip/it's illegal/the cops are going to shoot me/etcetera, I do not skirmish, I do not shoot outside, I only shoot indoors at paper targets with a trap behind them. And I've already tried the search feature here but everything that came up was about removing orange plastic tips, not painted ones.

    I like my guns to look like guns, not toys. I want to be able to remove the paint (if it is in fact painted, I'm assuming it will be based on research online) without damaging the painted finish underneath. At all. At All. AT ALL.
    And please do not tell me "Just buy a new slide without the orange tip" because I don't have the money to do that at this time. That goes the same for "Just strip it down and repaint the slide", It's below freezing outside, it's windy, and I can't paint indoors because I live in a trailer home and my wife would kill me. Like I said, I'm looking solely for the best method of removing only the orange paint and not affecting the painted finish underneath.

    If there is already a post here somewhere that answers my question, please post the link to it; as I said, I've been looking for at least an hour online and on YouTube and 90% of the posts regarding this have been about plastic tips, been met with wisea$$ answers, or have gone off tangent into a completely different conversation.

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    Sorry but any idea that I can think of (other than buying a new one) is shot out the door bc it will probably end up damaging the paint underneath

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    I bought a painted G36 flash hider because it was cheaper than the black flash hider. Get nail polish remover, ad a very light amount to a rag or q tip and rub it of quickly, don't stay in the same area taking off the paint or you will remove the other side of the paint too.
    That or scrape it off, that's my 2¢
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    S. Florida
    I spent time looking into this idea a short while back.
    If your wife is going to give you grief from paint fumes, every other method will give her the same grief due to fumes. That being said, the method of which you wish to take will likely prove null due to the restraints mentioned in your opening post. Even using small amounts of paint-removing chemicals will often render a very loud smell, on top of that you'd definitely want to ONLY use these chemicals in a well ventilated area.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but until the snow melts or the temp gets to a place that you consider more comfortable, you're likely stuck with the orange tip for the time being.

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    Well, I may be getting myself worked up prematurely :eek:

    I've never ordered a gun from overseas before, so I don't know what to expect; it was also pointed out to me that most posts about KSC/KWA painted slide guns are generally seven or eight years old.

    This is a picture a member on another forum posted of a recent purchase from WGC with a plastic tip, which gives me a measure of hope :cool:

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