I am offering a painting service for airsoft guns, parts, accessories, etc... The paint I use is KG GunKote, and it is one of the best options on the market. Everyone knows about CeraKote, but I find KG to be even better. Parts are sandblasted, painted, and baked. Parts will need to be baked at 325F or 180F depending on the paint series used. So polymers can be painted. They also offer an air dry series of paint, so 3D printed parts can also be painted. I am just starting out and pricing will vary too much to give an exact price here. You will have to contact me and we will talk about what you need done. I have pictures of some work if you want to see the quality of work I do. I am a perfectionist to a fault. No job too big or small, motor plate, iron sights, mag release, tracer units, suppressors, bolt catch, outer barrels, handguards, buffer tubes, pistols, AKs, M4s, etc... Any questions feel free to ask. If you want a quote, just send a message. Like I said I am just getting started so you have to work with me and I will get it done as fast and perfectly as possible.