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    If people are selling for that reason they don't understand how the computer industry works. Exact same thing happened with 980ti -> 1070, I actually own an Asus ROG 980ti and paid $650 a month before 10-series announcement (1070 MSRP was ~$400 I believe). I'm sure the same thing happened with 780ti owners when 970 was announced, 690 owners when the 780ti was announced, etc.
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    Generally speaking you are in fact correct. However, the technical leap between generations since the 9xx series has been significantly different each gen. Which in turn is what drives the panic selling. People fail to remember just how good their current hardware is and get caught up in chasing the next hot commodity.
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    Hmm that is true. I do know from Fermi (400/500) to Kepler (600) there were impressive power efficiency improvements (unified GPU clock, GPU boost, driver enabled adaptive vsync) and a rise in VRAM clock speeds.

    GTX 690 also paved the way for that gorgeous aluminum and plexiglass aesthetic that the GTX 770/970 and up used, still my personal favorite of the reference coolers.

    Dead on. The attractiveness and hype surrounding hot new hardware plus the knowledge that the initial drop will be very difficult to get into drives up some pretty crazy FOMO. As Jay from Jayztwocents said, a new card does not mean your old card suddenly loses performance - and if you do sell your current card to be able to afford the new card and you miss that drop, you are SOL for weeks or months until the next drop (or worse) hits.
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    The panic selling was real. I saw many 2080Ti's sell for $500 and one as low as $350 on r/hardwareswap. I don't know if prices have gone back up at all.

    I was looking at 2080Ti's the week before this happened and they were still selling for $1000+. Then next week I was checking prices for my 1080Ti and it was just flooded with 2080Ti's for half price or less.
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    As someone that had no current interest in the 3080's, seeing people freak out when attempting to snag one was highly amusing.
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    Eh, making do very well with my OC'ed Sapphire RX 5700, not gonna upgrade again for some time. Not like I could afford an RTX 3080 anyway. :D
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