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I am looking for an AR receiver set or platform that meets the following criteria:

- No forward assist
- Picatinny rail top, no A1 fixed carrying handle (no M16/M16A1)
- Colt M16/M4 style receiver and controls, not HK416 type (no VFC Avalon) or custom styling/fire selector/mag catch/bolt catch (no G&G)
- 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington magwell, not dedicated SMG/PCC size (no King Arms 9mm)
- Standard AEG/GBB barrel and nut (no KWA Ronin), standard AEG buffer tube mounting post (no KAC PDW)

The only model I've found that conforms to all of these is the VFC VR16 Stinger SB II (guessing Short Barrel Mk.II).
Air gun Machine gun Watch Hat Trigger

This is the one I'm looking for, unless anyone knows of any others that fit these criteria. A few others I've found come close (ICS MARS series, APS Phantom Extremis series, VFC Avalon VR16 Gladius, Retro Arms CNC AR-15 Type A) but fail mainly due to the custom styled receivers.

So, I'm seeing if anyone here has a Stinger (or just its receivers, or any other gun/receivers that fit these requirements) they'd be willing to get rid of. If not, I'll throw in a preorder on AST for ~$320 and wait. ASGI and Redwolf seem to both be out of stock.

Thanks for looking


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