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  1. qurfy

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    I play with friends at my school, usually 10-20 people come. And I thought I would get the paint bb's but apparently not very good for your gun and accuracy isn't too good either with them. So I was wondering is there any way to get people to call their hits, since I know a few that I play with that well cheat and it pisses people off and starts arguments that take up time that could be used to play air-soft. So I was wondering what do you guys do to make the people you play with call their hits? I guess I could only play with the people that actually call their hits about most of the time 6-8 people or so. Or I could get my gun so powerful that it would leave welts and when I hear them yelp from the sting I would know that I got them. I thought about going over to paintball but all the guns to me are generic not much realism or real world tactics/ roles on the field. Any thoughts on this guys?
  2. captain zacheus

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    airsoft is based on the honor system, you have to have a certain amount of maturity to play

    people not calling hits is by far the most annoying thing about airsofting...the only way to remedy the problem is to not play with the people who consistently fail to call their hits

  3. alex

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    play without shirts...
  4. Valor

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    Yea lol it's called dont wear shirts, I someone gets hit in the ches with a 400fps gun you'll know whether or not if you hit them.
  5. supportgunner

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    First I don't let people not calling their hit ruin my fun. I look at it as target practice. Second, if they don't call their hits I try shooting them in places I know will hurt them and make them call their hits to get out of there. I.e the knuckles, face, and any bare skin on them. If they have no honor for the game (i.e calling their hits) then I have no honor at the way I shoot at them.

    Lucky for the most part, I play with everyone that dose call their hits so its not a problem. When it is a problem, its mostly younger kids that don't call their hits.
  6. BoogerMc

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    Aim below the belt, gaurantee they'll call that hit!:)
  7. supportgunner

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    Noted! :D
  8. wiseman

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    This is also big problem here. This is why we designate field marshalls who monitor players who did not call their hits. Once the marshall seen you not calling your hits, they will announce cease fire then call on you to get out of the game since you've been hit already. In other strict field rules, you'll be suspended for one game if you violate or did not call your hit. But not pool proof since 4-5 marshalls can not cover large fields at the same time. But tips from other players helps the marshall monitor such player.
  9. wiseman

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    But with low fps, they may just disregard it too. :D
  10. Tendrop

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    'What's that? You didn't call that hit? Let's see what happens if the next shot hits your knuckle. Oops. Are you gonna call that one? How about if I hit your goggles, are you gonna call that?'

    Sometimes, a little high-velocity persuasion helps
  11. Anaphylaxis

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    Beaver Dam
    lol at below the belt. One of my friends forgot to zip up his fly one day, and we were idly taking potshots at each other just outside the safe zone... you can guess the rest.
  12. Skat3rat

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    Playing in fields can cause problems for calling hits. You could be so far that the guy that got hit doesn't feel it. I've never hit anyone. Kinda anoying. You blow a couple hundred shots to hit no one. The biggest problem I have is people dodging the bbs. So annoying.
  13. JG M4 Carbine

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    [QUOTE I have is people dodging the bbs. So annoying.[/QUOTE]

    use black BBS and white ones for tracers
  14. Retundro

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    Here's what I do when people don't call their hits. First after the 1-2 shots that hit them and if they don't call the hit, I just yell "Your hit!", then if they still refuse, I just unload my mag into them, until they call their hit.