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People with airsoft machine guns, do you think the machine gunner role is worth it?

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On occasion, I've fooled around with the idea of getting an airsoft LMG/GPMG/whatever because I like the idea of striking fear into the hearts of my opponents. I asked about this on another airsoft board, and the general consensus there seemed to be that being a machine gunner wasn't worth it, but I figured I'd ask here because I wanted a second opinion.
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It’s worth it, but it’s a insane money pit. 98% of available airsoft machine guns run about as well as most low end rental guns. And the 2% that don’t run like rental guns are generally just m4’s that have a different upper and a box mag slapped on.
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Look at the big picture...what advantages are there in Airsoft between a LMG AEG and a regular AEG.

Not much really.

Now if you have a field where box mags and hicaps are not allowed on regular AEG's...then have an advantage.
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I only got an LMG because I started playing at a field that only allows full auto for LMG. Otherwise I think I actually would have been putting myself at a disadvantage running one.
My field ran a lot of semi auto games where having an LMG was an advantage. My team with certain milsims had a great advantage as some of us running LMGs due to the higher J limit allowed aswell. I also enjoyed not having a mag capacity limit such as some milsims only allow you to carry x number of mags unless, you’re carrying out a support role. With pros come cons though. I definitely was the most beat at the end of the weekends, one tends to notice how heavy the extra mags can get and I put the most money through my barrel.
I only got one since I can't own the real version lol. By far the biggest money pit and it hasn't even seen a field, it's more of a home decoration at this point
Personally i love it. But, it is more expensive due to how much plastic youre throwing out. And the heavier/more accurate bbs you use the more spendy it gets. .20 are ok for closer range but wing out quicker. I mainly use .25s and the guys shooting heavier bbs have better range and accuracy then i do. So i spend more and hit less all things being equal. Add in the weight of a 2500-5000 mag. Battery life/air usage. Wear and tear.... Lots of negatives. Now to the fun part. The field i play at rarely allows full auto except for lmg. I have screws in my ankle, broke a hip. I m not the run and gunner. So while everyone else is single shot spamming their trigger or sniping i get to bring up the rear, hold positions, and hold the trigger down while a steady stream of bbs are smacking into whatevers in front of me. People run, hide, duck for cover. My guys move foward. And a sniper shoots me in the face. And i cant even reach him with my gun cause im shooting .25s and hes shooting .40s. Wouldnt have it any other way. I have several "backup" rifles that ill play a round with hut my mains are the cybergun featherweight m249, which i dont recommend buying soley on the design of the hopup even after buying the upgraded netal version, just a major pain in the ***. But it is fun for what it is and my cheap one. Or the krytac lmg. Which i do recommend its worth spending twice as much. Only problem is i like a pressure switch electric mag with the switch on the grip so i can thumb it when i want. The a&k2500 i use with the m249 works great. The krytac mag doesnt have the wired switch just a button on the box. Im a lefty and its made for a right handed person. Id recommend you get the evike firestorm 1500 or 2000 flash mag if you go lmg or even if not. Overpriced for sure but my favorite non electric mags so far. So. In conclusion. If you have the money and think the pros of the gameplay style outweigh the cons for you i say go for it. If you do, you better buy a rice bag of bbs.
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I'd completely forgotten about this thread for a bit, but looking over the responses, it seems like it'd be worth it, but with some heavy tradeoffs. Still, I might try one out for a few matches to see for myself.
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Yeah I would only get one for fields that only allow full auto for LMG. If you play alot of fields like that get one but other than that maybe not. Also may be good to have one laying around for milsim events that you want to attend.
With the folks I play with we have one LMG gunner and its funny how much the opposition freaks out when she's playing. Half the time the gun breaks down and as someone else mentioned, it shoots less effectively than my second hand combat machine.

We find it amusing that this 4' and change young lady causes so much fear just because she has a scary looking gun. Therefore she will always be our designated SAW operator.
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Ha, I find the same affect with my mp9 on full auto….
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