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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by krix0cris, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. krix0cris

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    hi, i wanted to ask if its normal to feel some pain after the game (the next day).

    i think i played way to hard because i can hardly walk straight.
    i did not get hit by any BB's (at least where it hurts) so im thinking i was not used too so much effort that my body is "recovering" slowly.

    any advice will be helpful because i might afte to work tomorrow and like this is a bit hard if not impossible.
  2. Jeranhound

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    It's perfectly normal when you're not used to it. First time I took a kendo class, my arms were swollen and in pain for the full 2 weeks and still hurt when the next class came around.

    First time I played airsoft, I hadn't been exercising for over a year and mostly sat around at home. Could barely stand up off the couch the next day because my thighs and calves were so bad.

    Same thing happened the first time I took a fitness course in college. It's just part of changing how physical you are on a regular basis. Second time I got in a game, I'd had a job for a month and spent all day on my feet. Day after the game I went to work, worked a whole shift, and didn't have a single issue.

  3. krix0cris

    krix0cris New Member

    any advice on how to get rid of this pain faster? my job is heavy. i work with 50+ kilo stones so its a bit hard to work like this.
  4. theonlyBuster

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    Welcome to the world of exercise lol.
    A couple days of strain and soreness is normal, especially if you're not active or working out on a normal basis.

    If you remember, try to stretch before playing. Simple stretches greatly help.
    If you're sore after, stretch it out. The pain you're feeling is the pain of a good work out that your body was not expecting. Light stretching and walking will help it subside.

    If you want to minimize this throughout for the future, do light workouts, jog a bit, or do some daily stretches. And by workouts I don't mean heavy weights, light weights if any at all. Yoga is also a huge help.

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  5. covertslayer

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    If its pretty bad, you can take Tylenol or aspirin to relieve some soreness. Just don't make it a regular habit. Best way to prevent this from being this bad again is to continue exercising regular.
  6. krix0cris

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    on the 4th day i could move a bit better and by the 6th i was completely healed.
    next time i go play i will remember to stretch :)