Pick up game team picking, what to look for in building a squad.

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    Nothing like a good relaxing day of P.U.G. (pick up group) airsoft. Lucky for you, on your first day of playing with a group of guys, you get chosen as a captain and get to pick your own squad. Assuming you have at least a little bit of experience, and the fact that we are again, assuming that this is your first time with this group of guys, what should you look for?

    Everyone is most likely going to be armed for bear. Ready in his or her own way to take on the world, and surviving. What you should look for is functionality. At first glance this will be difficult so what you're going to have to do is be aware of your surroundings and pick the guys you feel are best suited to tackle them.

    Equipment: What's the guy carrying? If you did your best to size up everyone and paid attention to as much as you could of what everyone is putting into their various pouches, this will be a really easy step for you. If you saw the guy loading his rig up with several magazines of ammo for his primary and secondary weapons but also manages to keep the bulkiness of his gear to a minimum, you probably want him. That being said, if he has what appears to be 50+lbs of gear but everything appears to serve a purpose and the guy looks as if he can handle carrying it, that's fine too. You want both people who can be mobile or who has everything they need to find everything they need to find out. Mix these people up some, you very well could need something specific that someone carried with them.

    Weapon: The fun part of the game. The question is, what kinda game are you running? If you need something that has long range, try to lean towards people who have the bigger, more long range suited weapons. If you're playing indoors or something like that, you may want to not have the guy carrying the Barrett M82A1. Assuming that you're just having a fun day out in the woods, maybe mix this up too. That way, you're prepared for nearly any situation, your short ranged guys can close the gap and your long ranged guys can flank from a good distance away.

    Camo: Term used loosely. By now, you can probably piece together who knows how to do what. Is what they're wearing suited to the environment? You don't want the guy who had to borrow his girlfriends pink camo shirt because he forgot to put the laundry in the drier the night before. You know, unless that's what you want your team to go for.

    Other things you can look for is, will my guys have some form of hydration? At any time of year, it's simply essential that you stay hydrated. If your guys have a camelbak or canteens or something along those lines, they can sustain themselves if need be or in case of an emergency, someone else. Being prepared for every situation isn't just having the coolest pew pew bang bang pow pow rifle out there. If someone you picked has a first aid kit, that could be useful if you get a cut or scrape that is a little worse than you would like it to be. If someone sprains their ankle, an ace bandage could be useful in making a makeshift splint or to support the ankle enough that someone can help them back to base.

    All this does seem a bit trivial but the real question is...

    What would you do if you WEREN'T prepared for anything?
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    in my expierence i usually look at how many assault, snipers, smgs, etc there are and try to keep it 50/50 as much as i can. then i look at the loadout of each individual and determine who knows what they're doing and who just wants to look tactical

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    This is a vary useful write up. Not just in pick-up games, but in general.
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    You have a lot of good material, keep it up with stuff like this and the "Running with your tail in between your legs."
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    I would pick guys who will trust each other to fire their guns so that they can get up and move.

    Who cares what 'weapon'. Will they actually act like a team or just fend for themselves?