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    I play at an indoor and outdoor facility but during the winter i play indoor obviously. Im not sure how many extra mags i should get for my pistol. They are 15 round mags @ 6$ a mag
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    3 steps:

    1. Figure roughly how many bbs you think you will be shooting downrange per match.
    2. Divide by 15.
    3. The number left is how many magazines you should buy.

    On a side note, what pistol costs only $6 a magazine?

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    Spring pistols *GLARE*
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    Im guessing it's a low quality pistol. I know you can get a 2 pack for the crosman C11 for ~12.00 from walmart. ( witch is a gas nbb for the record )

    As far as how many mags. Answer these questions

    - How often are you using the pistol.
    - Is it your primary gun
    - How long are the games
    - How easy is it to reload the magazines, Would you be able to reload it in game with a speedloader
    - What type of pistol is it ? Gas,spring,electric etc. If gas how many shots do you get per fill

    If it were me and the gun was my primary in a CQB situation I would probaly buy 3-5 extra magazines. This gives me a total round count of 45-90 rounds witch should be plently. This only applies to a gas pistol.

    If your pistol is spring. I wouldn't suggest buying more than 1 extra magazine becuase honestly it's not worth it. That money would be much better saved and used to get a higher quality pistol.
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