Pistol Marksmanship Training

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    How do you practice Pistol Marksmanship?
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    Shoot targets at various distances...Practice changing mags & drawing the pistol as well.

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    The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice practice practice. I do several drills over several days. Mostly speed drills. I have the surefire shot timer on my iphone, so I have someone time me on how long it takes me to transition from rifle to pistol, acquire target, and take the shot accurately. I do at least 10 reps per day, and I'm down to just under 2 seconds, which will be lower once I reconfigure my kit.
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    With pistols, the critical drill is getting the front sight on target quickly and having a smooth trigger pull. Because of short distance between the front and rear sight, focusing on the rear sight will almost guarantee a miss. Practice drawing and getting front sight on target as often as possible. After awhile, it will become muscle memory. When that happens, you will notice that the front sight will "automatically" come up inline between your eye and the target. Then it's just a question of working on draw speed. I agree with everyone above that repetition is really important to accurate pistol shooting.
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    You could be surprised about how natural the isosceles stance will become after a while. Just the other day I went to the range and shot .22 pistol and I assumed the position I use with my spring p99 while practicing. Pistol shooting, heck any firearm and bow shooting is a great deal of muscle memory.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9CQK1yb_wE"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9CQK1yb_wE[/ame]- This should help when they aren't messing around!!!
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