Pistol Only Loadout?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by matthewzguitarz, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. matthewzguitarz

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    So I have kind of decided not to get a big gun like I planned, mostly because my budget has to be lowered to $150 or under. I would like to get a pistol only loadout, I guess it would work for me because I am usually flanking or scouting. I also like to be very stealthy and fast moving, so my enemy never knows where I am, until there are hit.

    So I would like to find a NBB pistol, preferably co2 because I have no idea how to use green gas. I have no preferred model, just would like something that is reliable, can get a lot of mags for cheap, and is pretty light(though I don't really mind the weight).

    I was thinking about getting a belt with a holster, and some mag pouches on it. Then maybe a canteen, and getting goggles to replace my full face mask. Like I said I only have a budget of $150 so yeah.

    I was also wondering what BBs I should use? Oh, I would like for the gun to be on amazon because my parents have no idea how to use airsoft websites, and they don't trust them.

    Any ideas?
  2. BaghdadRecon

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    How about an echo 1 minigun? Jk.

    My advice is, do not get a WE-TECH pistol. It could be the worst mistake of a mans life-next to marriage. Lol.

  3. Lefse

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    This isn't non-blowback, and it has a kinda small magazine capacity, but it's the pistol I use myself, and I'm very happy with it. I haven't had any issues with it, it's been 100% reliable, and it will rival the range and accuracy of most full size AEG's. We're talking 150+ feet effective range with .25's, I'm sure you could squeeze out almost 200 feet if you tune the hop-up perfectly with .28's.

    http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main...ch=special&rs=KWC CO2 Pistols&catid=7&cat=719
  4. LegacyAirsoft

    LegacyAirsoft You can say I tech a little...

    +1 I do not own this gun but my best friend does and it has doubled the life of my we and its still going. Best co2 pistol for the money IMO
  5. Tornado-Airsoft

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    Well if your going for a pistol only loadout. I would go with the TM 5-7 it has range it can out shoot a Chinese clone sniper rifle. I own on my self if you have any other questions PM me.
  6. Vandal

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    Just an idea, a few of the guys I know have a pistol dynamics team, it's a team that uses only pistols and they are experts with them.
  7. 703

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    A good pistol only loadout will easily cost you 150+
    Sure you could go with a lower-end pistol but if it's going to be your main gun Id suggest a KWA or TM. Mags themselves will run you 25.00 - 40.00 depending on the pistol.

    As far as the actuall loadout goes. I personally run a belt with pouches on it but you can also go with a battle belt. I would skip the canteen and get a camel back. I suggest a serpa holster as well.

    "no idea how to use Green gas" - Green gas is supper easy to use... Easier and cheaper than using the 12g C02 cartriges. I recomend a propane adapter & propane instead of GG or C02.

    "my parents have no idea how to use airsoft websites" - It's no different from using any other online shopping site. Browse site, Find item you want, Add to cart, pay for it, recieve item... It's no different if you were to order it from amazon.

    If you stick to the major retailers you should have no problem. All of them are trustworthy.
  8. Stephengrem

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    San jose
    Kwc sig sauer sp2022
    $ 30-40 and it's perfect. More accurate than my kjw blowback sig 226.
    Co2 and good ammo capacity.
  9. Modernairsoftsocal

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    If you are looking for a good co2 pistol that won't break your bank I definitely recommend the elite force m1911 get it at asgi
  10. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    If you are doing a pistol only loadout to compete with AEGs, there are a few things you need to know.

    1: Get a GBB and learn how to use Green Gas or Propane. It's cheaper than Co2 and you will need to save money to afford the best you can.
    2: Get a pistol from a manufacturer with a proven track record and spare/upgrade parts availability. (IE: KWA, Tokyo Marui, Western Arms, KJW, etc...)
    3: Get a pistol that holds a minimum 20 rounds and has good availability on spare mags.
    4: Don't get something with a short barrel. 4-5" is good, 6-7" is better for range and accuracy, especially if you are not using optics.
    5: Plan for a minimum of 5 magazines. You won't be shooting as much as an AEG player, but you will be reloading more often. I try to carry 150-200 rounds loaded when I run POC (Pistol Only Combatant).
    6: Practice, practice, practice. You will want to practice engagements at different ranges, tactical reloads, shooting on the move, etc...

    POC is definately a fun way to change up your game, but it's not to be taken lightly. You will die more often than an AEG user, but those challenges bring a whole new level of fun to the game as well.

    Good luck.
  11. matthewzguitarz

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    At the moment only my brother has an lpeg, guess the best choice would be the gbb gun or something fromasgi.
  12. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    It sounds to me like you don't really know what you're getting into, and what you're looking for is a low cost option to get into the sport. The thing about GBB pistols is that buying the gun is cheaper, but buying spare mags and gas is going to be more expensive. You can get a serviceable AEG for about $120 that comes with a hicap and a decent battery and charger for another $30-$40. In that, you've already got a gun that will give you a better advantage on the field than a GBB in terms of performance and you don't have to worry about low mag capacity, running out of gas, or terrible cold weather performance. You can just plug your battery in and play. And when you do have money for extra mags, you can snag a couple of hicaps or a box of midcaps and be able to carry over 1000 rounds on you for less than the cost of two GBB mags.

    Just grab something like this:


    And you'll be all set. That's a pretty great price for a decent beginner AEG.
  13. matthewzguitarz

    matthewzguitarz New Member

    I really have no idea what I want, I was thinking about the a&k svd?
  14. Knief

    Knief Moderator Staff Member

    Ann Arbor
    You don't want that. 500 FPS is way too hot for a new player and you don't want to be limited to single shot only. Always remember, more FPS isn't always better. It doesn't help you hit most of the targets you'll shoot at and it means the gun will probably break more quickly because the internals are under more stress. Go with a decent but affordable AEG. That G36 really is about the best option for you.
  15. matthewzguitarz

    matthewzguitarz New Member

    I know the g36 is a good gun, but I kind of like ak47s and m4s more?
  16. Topojijo

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    Well said over a thousand times on here... A stock sniper rifle wont outperform a stock AEG. Knief said it spot on, and he even linked you with a great beginners rifle. Start with an AEG, and move on to sniper rifles or pistol only loadouts if you don't enjoy using AEG's.

    Edit: If you prefer m4s and aks, your best bet would probably be a jg m4 or a cyma ak. I'd still recommend the g36 though, because then you'll afford basic stuff like a new charger, bbs, eye protection, extra mags etc.
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  17. matthewzguitarz

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    Thanks, going to think about the s-system and g36. Since I have enough money for either one I will probably order whatever one, then use birthday money to buy some extra mags and bbs.
  18. Knief

    Knief Moderator Staff Member

    Ann Arbor
    That sounds like a very good plan. Enjoy your new gun.