Pistol TM or KJW glock

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Topshotz357, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Topshotz357

    Topshotz357 Well-Known Member

    I'm on the fence I care about how long they last before needing maintenance or repairs as a g18c
    Please give me your opinions nd reasons behind your opinion
  2. leerihai

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    Both need maintenance every once in a while, just do a simple field strip to lube and clean stuff, it is a glock how tough is it? But if you really hate it that much i will recommend you getting TM since tm is just plastic and won't need that much lubing, but you should still clean the barrel
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  3. Topshotz357

    Topshotz357 Well-Known Member

    Do you know how often parts break in both?
  4. link0

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    If you get the TM and run green gas, the plastic slide will eventually crack (but not for a while). TM pistols are designed to be used with lower pressure duster gas.

    How soon parts break will heavily depend on how religious you are about cleaning and re-greasing your guns.
  5. leerihai

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    You can use 134a gas which is a gas lower pressure than green gas and cheaper as it is just compressed air as tm is designed for that, or you can upgrade it to a metal slide and barrel like most people do and run green gas flawlessly
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  6. Guges Mk3

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    Or never run propane in the TM if it's warmer than 75 degrees out.
  7. NorsemanSDD

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    I’ve never liked TM gas pistols for reliability unlike their AEGs. And I like KJ Works for their pistols. I have a TM 1911 that feels like a kids toy.
  8. clinicallyproven

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    My mindset is on the contrary. TM makes some fantastic pistols, but if you're referring to their old AEGs they're old and dated. If you're talking about their recoil shocks, I don't see much of a purpose for them when you have GBBRs that do a better job of simulating the "recoil."

    On the topic of their pistols, they're for the most part all fine unless you buy their 1911 (small gas capacity) or their old gen m9s (dated, can't decock, prone to cracking more). Out of all of them I'd say their new USP was probably my favorite for its crisp trigger.
  9. leerihai

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    1911 aren't that bad if you go ahead and work on good airseal piston with nozzle and lightweight blowback housing, adding a gas saving flute valve also work nice,you can go trigger happy even with the metal kit on, that is if you are willing to mod them