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Hoping to use this thread to get feedback and document my progress as I dive head first into becoming a gear wh*re again.

Working on trying to be “financially smart” this go around and plan ahead. Noticed my list started to look very NSWDG inspired, so I’m kind of rolling with it. Still not intended to be a 1:1, however, that’s too much pressure to get things right lmao. But these are (for the most part) things I’ve owned before and worked well.

Oh, should probably specify, this is more or less the base WIP for milsim events (minus 3rd line), not just a day at the local field.

  • Helmet
    • FMA Maritime (AOR1 dip or just w/ MC ODG)
    • Comtac IIIs (w/ rail adapters)
    • MPLS
  • 1st Line
    • LBT Riggers (AOR1 or MC)
    • Safariland 6354DO
    • LBT 9022B (AOR1)
    • Eagle 2x pistol mag pouch (MC)
  • 2nd Line
    • JPC 2.0 (MC)
    • AVS M4 Bungee Flap
    • JPC MBITR Pouch
    • Crye Maritime Zip Back Panel (if needed)
    • Whatever Crye, LBT, and Eagle pouches I end up wanting/needing (AOR1/MC)
    • Baofeng UV5r (might swap out for something better)
  • Clothing
    • G3 combat pants (MC)
    • G3 combat shirt (MC)
    • Salomans 3D GTX Boots
    • Oakley M Frame Alpha

Thinking about grabbing some repro AOR1 shirt and pant as well just for sh*ts and gigs, don’t think I’d really use them at any events. I think they're a little dated now, too, if I were to go for a perfect impression. But damn are they hawt… Also want to grab a halfshell, not sure on pattern/colour. Tempted, as well, to opt for an NJPC repro instead of the JPC because I just dig the look, however the 2.0 just has so many helpful features.

If anyone has recommendations for repro gear, where to order w/ decent shipping, fill me in. I think the only repro I’ve had was a pretty decent Flyye MAP and some god awful Emerson G3’s. It was because of those G3's that I actually started paying attention to reviews 😂. I really don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for “ULTRA RARE AOR1 CRYE COMBAT UNIFORM SET G3!” on ebay if there’s some half decent clones out there.

If I’m forgetting anything, you’ve got suggestions, etc. then fill me in! Still trying to slowly slide back into this hobby and its definitely a relearning experience.

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Heyo, Update #1!
Wanted to wait until more stuff started showing up, but wait lists and shipping times would make that take forever.

Took advantage of some awesome Black Friday deals and picked up a few things; Maritime repro, Comtac & Rail Adapter repros, U94 ptt, Baoefeng UV-5R kit, and of course some good ol’ Mechanix. Also, I found a few pieces of equipment I still had, thinking about using this MAP, but ultimately I'll probably swap it out for something smaller. Additionally, if I ever turn this into a legit impression kit, there are photos of guys using MAPs, but they’re not as common as some alternatives.

I realized I never specified what I’m doing for weapons. I plan on turning this Bloomies custom (that you might recognize from the classifieds here, shoutout to one Mr. Favreau) into a full mk18 build. Current plans for externals are a clone HHS setup (EXPS2 & G33), a Surefire, and eventually some form of ir laser. However, I won’t be pursuing nvg anytime soon, so that can definitely wait. As far as a secondary, looking at going the Glock 19 route, but if anyone has alternative suggestions then fire away. Ideally I’d like to stick with something that fits the rough NSWDG style.

Should have a decent amount of stuff coming in this week (fingers crossed), particularly gun accessories. Ended up ordering a new crane stock as the current one is a very tight fit with some battery sizes. Unrelated, still on the fence about what PC I'll go with, even started toying with a CPC... Knowing me, it will ultimately come down to whatever is immediately available after I've had one too many to drink 😂
Art Wood Sculpture Military camouflage Font

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Heyo, Update #2!
Not a whole lot to show today, but anyhow...

Pew Pew Stick Updates:
Wood Road surface Working animal Automotive tire Art

Rectangle Gas Font Tints and shades Metal

Optic is in, as well as a suppressor cover and new stock. The original didn't have space for any of the super awesome 11.1v Lipos that Guges sent over (#NotSponsored). Still waiting on my orders to ship for the rest of the gun (PEQ15 & M300). Also, need to figure out some mags. For some reason, the PTS EPM1's that I ordered are not feeding (I think just a fitment issue, the mag has to be pushed up in order to actually feed). Its odd because the previous owner recommended these mags, not sure why they aren't working.

Moving on to another new thing:
Eye Leg Insect Arthropod Wood

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Bag Sleeve

Goggles Automotive design Art Eyewear Creative arts

Pretty stoked on the SI M Frame Alpha kit so far, I really don't see myself using anything other than the clear and grey lenses w/ the glasses frame, but its still nice having the options. Interested to see if the gasket makes fogging a problem for me. Oh! And whoever decided that you have to apply a bunch of pressure right at the arm joint in order to swap lenses? Not a fan, was super hard to figure out the first few times, felt like I was going to break them!

Picked up a MC G3 set, nothing super exciting there. Also grabbed a Gate USB Link, tweaked a few things, primarily just reduced the ROF on auto, I really prefer it at around 20 rps. Does feel kind of sacrilegious reducing the rof so much lol.

Last tidbit for this week: made a decision on a PC… or two..? JPC 1.0 and NCPC. Yep, two. The reasoning? I started leaning towards running two rigs as I would like the flexibility of being able to grab a heavier or lighter pc depending on situation, event, etc. Was going to grab either an NJPC repro or a JPC 2.0, but a buddy is sending over an ol’ 1.0 in MC. Kosher for the NSWDG style? Eh, technically, but an NJPC or 2.0 would be better. Plan on keeping it incredibly light on pouches, would love to eventually turn it into an MP7 kit… eventually. As for the NCPC, going AOR1, don’t plan on flooding it with pouches/gear, I always prefer lighter loadouts anyways, but this is going to be the “long event kit.”

Kind of wonder why the JPC 2.0 MSRP is so much more than the 1.0. Major differences? Added zipper to the back, removed integrated front flap, minor adjustments. From a materials pov, it should be cheaper to produce, no? Its not like they're trying to get rid of 1.0 inventory, as far as I know 1.0s are still in production. Hmm...

Anyways, both PCs are in the mail, along with a plethora of pouches, misc. gear, etc. I’ll start posting full kit photos eventually, probably once I have a PC here.
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