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    I don't know what to really call this thread but anyway, I got back from MilSim West TKO and I learned that I was horribly illequipped (mind you, first milsim west and milsim event ever!). I'm not saying I didn't have what I needed but I was not as effective as the other players. 1. Being that I had things everywhere without real organization. 2. That while Condor is an "OK" brand, if I want to keep going back and really get my gear abused and used, I am going to need something better quality and 3. Make sure I don't carry everything under the sun. I was looking at the guys using chest rigs thinking they won't have enough ammo/mags, they'll always be running back for ammo while in reality, they were perfect and here I am using 9 M4 mags. Yea guess I learned my lesson. So I am doing extensive research on various plate carriers and one thing I am seeing is that I want as (not sizing but size of the carrier) and minimalist as possible. So in my initial search I came up with a lot of plate carriers I am interested in, but of course that wouldn't be worth posting so I cut that list down to the following 4.

    1. Crye Precision JPC
    Because Crye plus second favoring
    2. Mayflower ACP
    Saw a few of these and a lot of guys said I can use these with the Hailey Strategic D3
    3. Warrior Assault System Recon Plate Carrier
    Currently what I am favoring because it a combination of the JPC for the skeletonized cummerbun and the ability to use chest rigs instead of having to buy pouches like the Mayflower APC
    4. Tactical Assault Gear Plate Carrier
    Cheaper than the other 3 and I heard NutnFancy talk about how TAG is a good brand

    I'm not worrying about pouches or mag stuff. I'll worry about those later. Right now I just want to get a plate carrier that will last a long time of airsoft events and real steel shooting. Please if you have a better suggestion than any of the 4 above, message me or post it here for someone else if they're curious as well.

    P.S. For those who run plate carriers like these and willing to answer quickly, do you run a solid color or multicam pattern carrier?

    Thank you for reading this long post and hope the insight I get will help me decide once and for all on a plate carrier.
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    So you mentioned that your looking for a high speed, minimalistic load out. I would say, going by what it sounds like you want, that your JPC choice would probably fill your needs (out of the four carriers you chose). I have heard GREAT things about the APC (can't say I've owned one or used one) and was considering owning one, so I've done research on it.

    However, if you do decide to go the Crye route, and are willing to spend the extra cash, definitely go for the AVS. While it's a fraction heavier than the JPC, it's a hell of a lot comfier, and bears weight MUCH better than the JPC (I do own an AVS, and I've owned a JPC to compare it to as well). Especially since you said your doing huge, long events like MSW games, where your wearing gear for literally days. Now, that being said, it is much more expensive than the other carriers and that could be an issue. But I can say that, in my opinion, the AVS is the most versatile, adaptable, and comfortable plate carrier on the market. (Also, don't get the JPC 2.0 because it's an uncomfortable version of the AVS)

    Hope that all helps. I know the AVS is not what you had in your list and may be out of price range, but I really think you'd be most satisfied with it.

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    I used an APC in my first Milsim West event, last year. I can't really say anything bad about the carrier, other than the shoulder pads rubbing into my neck for 12 hours. This can be easily fixed by replacing them with some pig pads. Other than that, the APC is a good starting point if you plan on attending more of these events. It's worlds apart from any Condor carrier, and well worth the price for it's quality.
    I've also used the 6094A and Crye AVS. The AVS is my favorite out of the three. It can go from high speed to load bearing, and back again. The shoulder straps are spaced well enough that it rests on my shoulders and not my neck. You can buy the plate bags, 3-band skeletal cummerbund and detachable Flap for a hundred more than a JPC or APC will go for. The harness if you want support for real plates, or extra load.

    I've never owned or used a JPC, so I can't really give you an opinion on it.
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