Plate carriers/vests

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by masterpro72, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. masterpro72

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    Which brand do I buy from? and which don't I buy from? (Also looking at mag pouches)
  2. tom7171

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    Can we get a budget and be a bit more specific on color/camo, brands , and models

  3. masterpro72

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    Camo doesn't matter to me that much. budget is no more than $50. I would like MOLLE but would be ok to just have a vest that already has pouches and stuff. I am wondering what brands to look at?
  4. Maxuhmize

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    Did you just find random gear and link it? Conderp is bad. OP, look into flyye or Pantac.

    Flyye can be purchased here:

    Pantac can be purchased here:
  5. FSTK

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    What's wrong with Condor? I got some of their pouches, vest once upon a time and it was good. Anyways, OP should just grab one of those tactical-vests with like 3 mag pouches on the right, a pistol holster on the left: 3 pistol pouches on the left breast, and a pouch on the right for whatever you need like storing cell-phones and such.

    You can easily find those types of vests for around $50. Definitely in your budget and has everything you need.

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  6. iZazzil

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    DONT GET CONDERP. If you van extend your budget a bit, you can get a nice Flyye PC. The Flyye RRV is only a bit above your budget.
    Edit: Don't get the crossdraw vest shown above. You aren't going to have the capabilities of moving around your pouches like on a MOLLE vest.
  7. ReconOpsFireteam

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    Try Flyye or Pantac. They will be your best friends.

    Im surprised Grin nor Knief have dropped in.
  8. Knief

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    I was asleep. But without more to go on, I don't have much to add. Crossdraws, as FSTK suggested, are terrible. It's a 20+ year old design that's far from functional. Condor's gear is ridiculously low quality. It all gets hashed out here, with my experience added by JakeBworth:


    You can't get a decent plate carrier with pouches to your door for $50 unless you find a very good deal on used gear. Doing it for $100 is difficult. If you want a plate carrier, you're going to have to increase your budget or scour classifieds and commerce sections. There are some chest rigs in your price range, but even most of them are going to be at least a little more expensive than $50. It just costs more than that to put together and sell a quality rig. Here's my go-to list of affordable chest rigs:
  9. McGee

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    You can ALWAYS buy used. There are a LOT of airsofters that come and go, and used stuff is JUST AS GOOD as anything you've bought new and then used yourself.

    Do you need something new every time you use it? Of course not. If you can't afford new, high-quality stuff then why not buy used, high-quality stuff.

    I guarantee, somebody on this forum has great Coyote Brown or Olive Drab gear they want to get rid of.
  10. masterpro72

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    Thanks for the advice. I bought a used one and it feels like something that will hold up well for me.