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    Thought it would be fun to try this out so here we go.


    Call sign: Priest
    Team: Step Fathers(team inactive), Watchmen (active team.)
    Years active: 3

    I am currently second in command of the team stepfathers (team is inactive due to lack of numbers), and co founder of the team Watchmen the watchmen currently have a roster of five that actively play games in new jersey and south east Pennsylvania. We are based out of clementon new jersey and am willing to play just about anywhere in new jersey. If anyone is interested in playing with us or trying to arrange a meet up, please do not hesitate to pm me.

    AEG: KWA G36C, one point sling, Holographic sight (No internal upgrades as of yet) Side arm Sig 226 (though the side arm in the picture is of M1911).

    There's my little speal if there is a thread for all this please direct me to it and I will erase the thread.
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    Welcome to the forums. I am down in SE PA. Have you ever been to LVP south, Skirmish USA, the Grid Code, or any SEPA games?