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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Mokon, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Mokon

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    Hello Everyone,

    My brother has already played airsoft and I am considering getting into it. I have a number of questions that I am hoping someone can help me on.

    So I own a ~7.5 acre property in a rural area. I am considering playing here as it has some great terrain. (A stream with a deep gorge and some 20ft cliffs, etc.) It just will provide some great tactical game play. There are however some neighbors houses within eye sight so I want to be careful. Here are my plans.

    1) I am going to let the police know we are playing airsoft. If they do get any calls I would prefer that they already knew what we were doing...
    2) I am going to let my neighbors know we are playing airsoft. I know several of them love guns so I'm sure this won't be a problem. I just don't want them getting scared...
    3) I am going to have a person/people as ref(s) to ensure people stay away from the edges of the property and don't start a fight where bullets could stray onto the neighbors property. I'll make sure all the people participating know to stay in the center of the property etc.

    So now for my questions.

    1) Do you think 7.5 acres minus the edges is enough land to really safely play airsoft without pellets going into the neighbors yard?

    2) My house is of course on this property. Of course people will know not to fire point blank at the windows but who knows, bullets can go off course. Whats the likelihood of such a bullet breaking a window. Should I be worried?

    3) As experienced airsoft players anything you can add? Any suggestions?

  2. 703

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    As long as the police AND neighbors are cool with it I don't see you having any problems. Just make sure everyone has proper eye protection. Wouldn't hurt to have a waiver either.

    Only thing that I see being a problem is the cliffs. Just make sure people stay away from them as you don't want someone falling off.

    If your neighbors love guns maybe you can get them to join in as well.

  3. TheLostCause

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    Wavier are major! A friend and I own 3.4 acres and we made a field. We built it for 2 years for airsoft. We had our friends sign a wavier and anyone else that plays on our field sign a wavier. Just to save our hind in case someone did get hurt and someone did! We had a sniper post and someone leaned over and fell out of it, He had some cuts but he couldn't do anything because he had signed the wavier saying that he is responsible for his own actions type deal and we are not responsible for injury.
  4. Defcon5

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    Yes, as long as you have everyone sign a waver, you should be fine. Just be sure to tell the locals about it.

    But, are you wanting to charge people to play on it?
  5. tscebu

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    Unless you are hosting 100v100 games with vehicles and other crazy stuff, you should be fine on the amount of land you have. I agree with the other posters that waivers are necessary. Also, you really should have people steer clear of the house, not because of broken windows, but because of possible markings of windows or damage to wood.
  6. TheCaptainAlmighty

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    Yes, your area is more than large enough, and it seems likes its built very well to play also.
  7. Mokon

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will look for a waiver template. Any rec's are appreciated.

    RE: Charging, no just some friends for free.

    While I am here does anyone have a rec for a good sniper rifle? maybe 150-250+ range? I think my property will be very good for snipers ;-). Also any recs for a combat rifle. Say like an m4/m16? My brother says Tm is good.
  8. Fyzix

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    You'll definitely want to start your sniper rifle on a good base, but in order to make it 'good', you'll have to dump a good amount of cash into it. You'd be looking at a $150 base (VSR, BAR-10, L96, etc) and then $300-400 in upgrades.

    I take it your price range for the M4/16 is in the same price range?
    JG makes nice AR variants, and the price leaves room for any possible upgrades, gear and accessories you might need.
  9. Mokon

    Mokon New Member

  10. Fyzix

    Fyzix Fyzzy Was Here. Supporting Member

    Great choices. I see you're going for a DM (Am I correct?)
    The GR-16 is great (Thanks for not choosing a CM-16),
    the scope should serve you quite well.
    However, you can do a lot better than that 8.4v.
    This is what I run in every single one of my replicas:

    Also, check out
    They have good deals, and the Holy Cow specials make everything better. Check this one out.
    For only $5, you can get 2 extra magazines of your choice! (AEG must be Echo-1, G&G or KWA)

    They also have coupon codes: :D

    Here's a link to the GR-16 on Evike for $20 less

    This scope should serve you well
  11. Star_folder

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    As a field owner, I've got a few things to add. Look up the rules and regulations of your state/province/country, whereever. Find out what they have to say about insurance and legal maters of having a playing field on your property.

    Waivers are useless. Especially if there's nothing behind them. They only keep the honest honest, any waiver can be broken by a good lawyer. Remember this.

    For my state (SC) as long as you don't charge people to play on the property, anything that happens is under home owners insurance. But, if they have to pay, you are uninsured. It could be different where you are, but this is probably the best way to do things. Keep it free, but accept donations if anyone wants to donate anything.
  12. Mokon

    Mokon New Member

    I am more or less looking for something that is versatile so I can try out different roles.

    Also how is evike? A quick google reveals a lot of people dont like them.
  13. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    Evike is a perfectly fine retailer to buy from.