Please help find trigger upgrade for we ak pmc gbbr!

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Raf108, Jan 13, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,
    I am a total beginner, got a we ak pmc, as first airsoft gbbr. Only had it a day or two, had issues with firing, no blow back, and no semi auto or full auto.
    Brought back to store, took back to work on, gave new mag and still no good.
    Brought back secound time, next day, they said they are ordering parts for an upgrade for the trigger.
    One week later, parts in, still, the owner was not happy at how was working, so is ordering me a new gun.
    This gun was their last, and was on the wall as a display model. Who knows, maybe somebody handled incorrectly and broke something?
    My question:
    Can anyone , with certainty, and experience, tell me which upgrade would be a good idea, if not necessary , to improve this guns trigger system, and/or anything else that needs to be upgraded?
    Thank You very much in advance,
  2. TC4Tay

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    The trigger parts on the WE AKs are known to be weak and can fail but usually around 1k rounds. Yours might have just been a lemon from the factory. If you get the new one they've ordered you and it work fine, the biggest recommendation you'll find it to replace the trigger parts with the RATech steel parts. They are a lot stronger.