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    I am creating this thread in hopes anyone with a polarstar can post questions and get answers.

    I have a Fusion engine V2 Gen3 with a full FCU and im wondering if anyone else has ran into the problem i am having with the FCU. The problem i am having deals with the connections between the actual board and the power leads, as well as the cable that runs to the fusion engine. both of these connections have failed more than once and its frustrating because i either have to re solder the leads for the power, or i have to order a new $20 cable because the wires pull out of the connector. (Fixing this is nearly impossible.)

    I am asking any of you that have a full sized FCU and have either have or have not had this same issue to let me know what you did to solve it, or what you do to prevent it because i am lost for ideas besides making a container and screwing it to the outside of my stock and never unplugging the fricken thing unless its to charge haha.

    Any response or like i said, any questions about anything polarstar are welcome!!

  2. Michael Rosa

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    I use a eps stock by pts which has a ton of room and I’m just super careful plugging in and unplugging my battery. I really never touch my fcu. Had one break like that on an smp before I got my fusion engine.

  3. antizombie

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    Are you like forcefully ripping on the connectors or something when you unplug it? I've never ever had a connector rip or tear wheter it be the jst on the fcu or the fcu cable. Just put it in a place in the gun where it won't be stressed. I keep my fcu/battery in a little peq box mounted on top of my gun.