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    Hello everyone. I live in the Richmond area and I am new to airsoft. I play at New Kent and Ballahack.
    I am thinking of putting together an airsoft team/group, with the main focus on snipers and DMR’s, but open to all roles.
    My initial thoughts are.
    1. Yes we will have a patch.
    2. The name is Black Cats. This is based on the view that it is unlucky or lucky if a black cat crosses your path.
    3. We will have our own chronograph.
    4. We will have meetings when possible, thinking Sundays, to help each other work on our guns, impressions, etc
    5. We have an indoor 25 yard range at our disposal, provided we clean up afterwards.
    6. Eventually we will have a FB and website.
    These are just some ideas. If you are interested, please let me know.
    email vtmed@aol.com or just reply here.

    The group is open to all ages, however it will be geared more towards 18+
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    You might want to add what age group you are targeting.

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    Sorry everyone, could resist. Carry on.

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